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WA-Gov & Sen: PPP Has Inslee (D) & Murray (D) Starting Off Looking Strong For Re-Election

Some good news today from PPP out of Washington:


Jay Inslee and Patty Murray both start out in good shape for reelection. Inslee leads the prospective Republican opponents we tested against him by 5-13 points, while Murray leads the ones we tested against her by 5-14 points.

The strongest possible candidate for Republicans in either race would be former Attorney General Rob McKenna. He has a 36/30 favorability rating and would trail both Inslee (43/38) and Murray (46/41) by 5 points. Even though McKenna comes the closest, he still has a larger deficit against both Democrats than his 3 point margin of defeat in 2012.

Murray has a solid 47/39 approval rating and posts double digit advantages against all the Republicans in Washington's Congressional delegation that we tested her against. She has a 10 point advantage over Jaime Herrera Beutler (47/37), an 11 point one over Dave Reichert (48/37), and a 13 point one over Cathy McMorris Rodgers (48/35). Reichert has the biggest statewide profile with 53% name recognition, followed by McMorris Rodgers at 40%, and Herrera Beutler at 31%.

Inslee similarly posts double digit leads over all non-McKenna prospective foes. He's up 45/34 on Reichert, 12 points on Bill Bryant at 46/34, and 14 points over Andy Hill at 45/31. Hill (18%) and Bryant (17%) both have almost no statewide name recognition.

It's early but Inslee and Murray look like clear favorites for reelection at this point. - PPP, 5/20/15

Very encouraging news but it's still very early. Click here to donate and get involved with Inslee and Murray's campaigns: