VP at William Morris Says Clear Channel Illegally Airing its Content As Ads On Rush Limbaugh Show 

VP at William Morris Says Clear Channel Illegally Airing its Content As Ads On Rush Limbaugh Show

A vice president at the William Morris Agency says that Clear Channel is illegally airing spots by one of the people it represents during ad breaks on the controversial Rush Limbaugh Show.

Author Keri Glassman's nutrition tips have been airing on Clear Channel broadcasts of the Rush Limbaugh Show since last November, including every day this week on KOGO in San Diego:

StopRush people have been working to let Ms. Glassman know that her ads are airing during the show since they were first heard.  Earlier this month a Flush Rush Facebook volunteer received this response from Ms. Glassman's representative, Vice President at William Morris Agency:

Keri's content is being illegally used on the channel. We are working on having it removed.

This week a more detailed explanation was posted on Ms. Glassman's Facebook page:

When did you hear the ad, and on what station? Thank you for making our team aware of this! Just to let you know, Keri was hired to record a series of nutrition tips about 4 years ago for The Pink Channel (which was XM Satellite Radio channel 24, the world’s first channel for the cure of all cancers that affect women). They were positive messages intended to be used on a positive platform! They are now being used without our permission and we are taking action to make sure they are no longer aired illegally. We appreciate you making us aware of the situation, and please keep us posted if you hear them again. We are as upset about this as you are!

It appears Clear Channel is even more desperate to fill ad breaks on Rush Limbaugh's floundering show than anyone knew.

Rush Limbaugh has lost more than 2,600 advertisers nationwide since his 3 day attack on Sandra Fluke in early 2012.  

A grassroots activist campaign called StopRush works to monitor ads on the radio show, record data in the StopRush advertiser database, and communicate with advertisers to be sure they know their ad is airing on the program.  Many of them are unaware that their ads are being played during this show, and when given that information and a few classic red-faced, spittle-spraying Limbaugh rants head quickly for the exits.

If you're interested in helping StopRush, read on after the puffy cheese snack.