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Voters Tell Trump They See Through His Bullsh*t In A Poll That Will Send Him Over The Edge

In a Quinnipiac University , American voters proved that they understand both policy and economics a damn sight better than Donald Trump.

In the broad-ranging poll, voters were asked about Trump’s temperament, his fitness for office, a grade for his first year as president, and for a generic description of that first year. The answers to all of these queries were, simply put, disastrous for the president. Nearly 70 percent saw him as “not level-headed,” almost 60 percent said that he was unfit for the presidency, and 56 percent of voters gave Trump a “D” or below — the vast majority of those being an F grade.

Descriptions of Trump’s first year from over 300 voters hauled in words like “chaotic,” “disaster,” “horrible,” and “embarrassing.”

But Donald Trump is so well-versed in ignoring opinions that answers about his personality or performance will likely matter little to him unless it’s a comparison with someone. What really bothers Trump is if anyone says someone else is better than him.

Especially Barack Obama.

Unfortunately for Trump, that’s exactly what voters told researchers at the University — or at least, that’s the takeaway from the results. Trump might smile when he hears that two-thirds of voters think that the economy is “excellent” or “good,” since 66 percent is the highest rating for that question since QU began asking it 17 years ago. But that smile will surely fade when Trump realizes that only 40 percent of respondents attribute the success of the economy to him.

So who gets credit for the stock market, unemployment rate, and countless other indicators of economic success in the United States that Trump is always crowing about? Voters gave more credit to President Barack Obama.

Of course, to a rational person, that makes sense: Trump has done almost nothing in terms of economic policy, and even the tax bill that he signed last month hasn’t taken effect yet. Put simply, there isn’t a single piece of legislation that Trump can point to as a reason he should get credit for a good economy.

Let’s see if he can look away from Russia long enough to have a Twitter meltdown over this.

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