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Voter ID Laws: Stopping Fraud or Blocking Votes?

If this was Putin’s Russia or many of the countries that are being ruled by dictators or regimes that are determined to stay in power, even if it means cheating the voting system in those countries, Voter ID laws would make a lot of sense. But, we’re not one of those countries. Our voting system is a very accurate system compared to other countries systems and especially to those countries ruled by dictators, if there is a vote at all.

There is very little voter fraud in America and definitely not enough to affect the outcome of an election. We don’t have bus loads of illegal immigrants being driven to polls to cast votes. One has to be registered to cast a vote and you can’t just go from poll to poll casting votes. There are safeguards that are put in place in this country to at least keep any kind of fraud from changing the outcome of elections.

Yet, 19 states with Republican governors have instituted laws or executive orders that put in place Voter ID laws. Is this because they fear that voter fraud will change the results of elections? Surely, if they’d done their homework on the possibility of that, they’d know that there is no evidence that any cases of voter fraud have changed the outcome of an election. So it wouldn’t be difficult to come to the conclusion that these Voter ID laws aren’t about fraud but about blocking voters from their right to vote.

Our democracy is grounded on one significant and all important right and that’s the right to vote – there is no other right that means more, because all the other rights we have, first comes to us because we have the right to vote. When that right becomes threatened for any certain group of Americans, it is a threat to all of us and to our democracy as a whole.

It is well known that these Voter ID laws affect primarily poor people, especially African-Americans and Latin-Americans. It also affects the elderly which is probably just collateral damage to the actual targeting of those who tend to vote Democrat. The Brennan Center has done a study that shows that these laws could affect over 5 million people which means over 5 million people could be robbed of their right to vote.

What is very clear here is that the Republican Party is desperate, they see their grip on this nation slipping and so they’re grasping at straws as they face a slow fading of the Republican brand. Many in their numbers have decided that they’ll do whatever it takes to stay viable, even if it means blocking the democratic process of voting.

It isn’t about fraud at all because if Republicans were really concerned about fraud but yet still wanted to insure that voters weren’t robbed of their rights to vote, regardless of their party, then they’d also be working on ways to provide IDs for all voters. Instead, it’s left up to the other party, the one that’s most affected but not a part of this move across the states to demand IDs at the voting polls to see that all voters have proper identification come Election Day.

These Voter ID laws are about trying to steal elections on a wide scale, enough to affect the outcome of elections. It’s about trying to steal government offices and controlling the populace and the country. It’s about corruption and dishonesty and power. It’s about moving the country in the direction that the majority of us don’t want to go. It’s about banning abortion and making it difficult to obtain contraception and about blocking and rolling back same-sex marriage. It’s about cutting taxes for the wealthiest and drilling for oil in every inch of territory that there’s a possibility of an ounce of oil in the ground and stretching a pipeline across America, no matter if it causes all kinds of environmental problems to so many Americans and to our planet. It’s about pushing a Republican agenda down our throats until we choke and learn to love it, or leave it.

This nation mustn’t change to become the Republican Party’s ideal nation, but the Republican Party must change to become America’s ideal of a political party; otherwise they must simply fade away and be replaced by a party that’s more flexible to the changing and the progressing of America, the country they claim to love so much.

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