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Voter ID Laws: A Republican Attempt to Usurp the Voters

Republican lawmakers in several states for the last several months have been putting Voter ID laws on the ballot and passing bills in their legislative bodies to require state-issued identification at the polls.

If this was a one-state issue, then it wouldn’t be an issue but appears to be a concerted effort by Republicans to change turnout on election day, or in effect – block some voters from the polls, especially the poor, Hispanic, college-age and black voters it’s most likely to affect. These particular minorities of course, vote in large majorities for the Democratic ticket.

Republicans governors and lawmakers have declared that their efforts are solely to stop voter fraud. Yet, several sources from the states where the implementation of the Voter ID laws are taking place shows there’s no indication that voter fraud has been a serious problem in the past.

You would think that duly elected government lawmakers would concern themselves and spend their government resources toward efforts that are more beneficial for the state. Besides, it is taxpayer dollars they’re using to pursue laws that have no foundation of necessity.

If we also look at the states that these laws are being implemented in, besides the state government being controlled by Republicans, several are considered swing states.

It would seem Republicans have ascertained that with just a bit of effort, they can turn the balance in their favor. What I want to know is; is this how the GOP wants to now do business; by blocking legitimate voters from the polls so that they can win? Where is the dignity in their endeavors?

There is a better way for Republicans to win in November, and that is by becoming the party that works to serve all Americans, not just the few whose bank accounts can bankroll their election campaigns.

Republican lawmakers have focused on the task of making President Barack Obama a one-term president, when instead they would gain the approval of the majority of Americans if they only spent their efforts in looking for ways to create jobs for the unemployed and financial relief for homeowners losing their homes.

Instead we’ve seen a steady stream of laws to restrict abortion, laws to restrict gay marriage and now laws to restrict who can or cannot vote.  Along with these laws, the GOP has moved further to the right, this in order to appease the Tea Party movement and assure the Republican Party of their votes.

Like their candidate for president – Mitt Romney –the Republican Party I believe no longer has a core of principles, just a hunger to survive in a world that is changing around them while they insist in holding on to all the old relics, such as trickle-down economics and a large expensive military.

What I hope for is an active campaign by Democrats across this nation and the White House – in not only in efforts to fight these Voter ID laws – but also to work seeing that all citizens are able to vote come Election Day, no matter their party affiliation. There are some efforts underway even now though I’m not sure they’re adequate to guarantee a good turnout.

I do believe Democrats can overcome these Voter ID laws by actively working to get voters who don’t have proper identification, equipped with proper identification. The quicker and the harder we work at it, the more likely we can keep the negative effect of the Voter ID laws from making a significant difference in voter turnout in November.

It’s my opinion Voter ID laws are going to be difficult to fight in our justice system. In all practicality, Voter ID laws are a good thing, it’s the motivation behind the widespread and partisan efforts in this current voting season to now suddenly put such effort into fighting voter fraud when no serious problem exist.

Though the GOP is the party that needs to adapt better to today’s world, this is one that the Democratic Party will need to fight by seeing that all voters can vote. If we believe as progressives that a majority of Americans will support us in November, then let us expend our efforts to rest assured that in this election the majority can vote.

In the end maybe, the Republican Party will lose, Voter ID laws will have limited effect and instead of blocking voters from the polls, it will stir up a big enough effort to overcome the obstacles placed in the path of voters by this party of “No” and produce a huge turnout by Democratic voters on Election Day.

If Republicans succeed in overturning the 2012 Election in their favor, just because of their Voter ID efforts across this country, maybe we Americans should get use to a Republican Nation.