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Virginia GOP Claims ‘Rosa Parks’ Daughter’ Praised Trump, But There’s Just One Hilarious Problem

You know, for all the screaming they do about “fake news,” Republicans sure share a lot of it — no matter how nonsensical — when it serves to confirm their narrative.

On Sunday, the Republican Part of Virginia embarrassed the living f*ck out of themselves when they that claimed “Rosa Parks’ daughter” had praised The Donald’s horrifically lackluster response to the Charlottesville Nazi rally.

“Liberals love to call President Trump a racist, but you know who doesn’t think that?” the Virginia GOP wrote in their post. “The daughter of legendary civil rights activist Rosa Parks.”

Parks famously did not have any children. The photo accompanying the article was of former Ohio lawmaker Nina Turner:

The article itself comes from a website called Land of the Free Home of the Brave, which …and a  literally telling people not to believe a word on the site:

It’s probably worth mentioning that the article categories on the website are various types of potatoes and that the article’s author, David “Tango” Foxtrot (DTF, really?) claims to be a recipient of the Sarah Palin Award For Excellence in Media (which doesn’t exist).

“President Trump’s reaction has been criticized by the Left, but I don’t see what he did wrong,” Parks’ fictional daughter, Muriel Parks-Rosenberg, said in a nonexistent speech at the Kennedy Center. “He strongly spoke out against hate both from those who make racial animus their primary cause and anarchists who showed up hoping to watch the world burn.”

“My mother would have been proud of the President’s words,” the fake woman continued. “Liberals who seek to use this rally to further their cause and attack President Trump need to go away and never come back.”

“To me, Donald Trump is a modern civil rights icon,” she concluded in these events, which apparently took place on Earth 2 because they sure as hell didn’t happen here.

The Virginia GOP, as is tradition, blamed their f*ckup on an “outside volunteer,” noting that their “process broke down.”

Spokesman David D’Onofrio said the RPV takes the issue of fake news and its proliferation seriously, explaining that they have a “due diligence” process to verify what is shared. Obviously it doesn’t work very well.

The article has been shared more than 3,640 times by people who seem to believe it (despite being told not to by the site itself) from the website’s Facebook page:

Rosa Parks' daughter isn't taking any crap from liberals who want to use Charlottesville to attack President Trump.

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May the gods help us all.

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