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UT-03. Trump leads the way to defeat. Taking Chaffetz with him?

     How can we possibly ask for anything more? As Donald “Mein Furor” Trump continues his scorched earth march towards the fiery abyss, it is becoming apparent that he doesn’t want to go all by his lonesome, he wants a full blown lemming stampede to follow him off of the cliff. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Utah.

     I know, Democrats can’t win in Utah. Up until very recently, anybody who said they could had their temperature taken, lights shone in their eyes, a cool, damp washrag put on their heads and sent in to lie down for a while. Not anymore. Recent polling is showing that The Orange Julius could actually finish third in Utah, not just behind Hillary, but behind a latecomer independent candidate, Evan McMullin as well!

I recently wrote a DIARY reporting that the Hillary HQ was swamped for a phone bank night, the lot overflowed with cars, and people had to park on side streets and walk back, independents and registered Republicans among them. They noshed on pizza provided by the campaign while they hit the cell phones to call friends and neighbors to try to rally them.

     This is not “user friendly”terrain for for one out of control, conspiracy theory little mouth breather like Jason Chaffetz. Fortunately Chaffetz has a strong opponent in retired Colonel Stephen Tryon, who is taking it to him. Colonel Tryon recently wrote a Kos DIARY thanking us for our support, and bringing us up to date on the positive effect it’s had on his campaign.

     Recently, both Chaffetz and Tryon appeared separately before the editorial board of the DAILY HERALD to explain their visions for the district. If you live in the district, I strongly urge you to read it if you haven’t read it in the paper, it is enlightening to say the least.

     Chaffetz was pure political hack. He spoke glowingly of the few paltry accomplishments that he had brought home to his district. He continued to extol the virtues of repealing the ACA, trotted out his usual, empty positions, and blamed Big Government overreach for all the ills small businesses face. But then he screwed up royally. To quote from the article;

He said that if the House of Representatives maintains its Republican majority through the next election, he hopes to keep his position as chair of the oversight committee, which he said he has helped reconfigure to look more closely at issues such as public lands and technology.

He did? When did that happen? Somehow or other I must have missed that part, what with the neverending story of the Benghazi hearings, including a public Alpha Dog pissing contest with Darryl Issa in front of the entrance to the committee meeting room, and culminating with the eleven hour GOP fiasco that was the Hillary Clinton testimony. Just goes to show what happens if you don’t watch this stuff with a microscope I guess. But Chaffetz may have given away a little of his insecurity when he stated that while he knew he wouldn’t be doing this forever, he hoped to get another term. Hoped?!? Feeling the wind in your face a little bit Jason?

     Stephen Tryon was as sharp as a Ginsu knife, and right on target. He hit Chaffetz on his ineffective leadership in Congress, pooh-poohed the government overreach drivel, and wanted to not only keep the ACA, but strengthen it, fixing the glitches. He came out strongly on fighting climate change, bringing home to the people of Utah the impact it could have on the state. He spoke strongly about removing the social security income tax cap to strengthen it, even admitting that he had benefited from that cap in private life. And then he nailed Chaffetz to the barn door over campaign financing;

Tryon prides himself on the fact that he hasn’t accepted PAC or corporate donations for his campaign, but says he would not have accepted donations if he hadn’t thought he could beat Chaffetz, even in the heavily-conservative third congressional district.

“I think I’m going to beat him,” Tryon said. “I think I’m going to win.

     So, there you have it. A decorated military hero, a man with principles, a man with a grasp on the issues running up against just another career political hack. How is this even close? You have been generous with your diaries and support, and I humbly ask that you keep it up for 22 bloody more days. If you’d like to learn more about Stephen Tryon, click HERE. To donate, you can go HERE. And to get personally involved, you can go HERE. We have only three weeks to go, so let’s get the good Colonel over the finish line, and let Jason Chaffetz go back to whatever he was or was not doing in the first place!

     Thanks as always for reading, and GO Blue!