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UNHINGED Trump Viciously Attacks Comey In Sunday Twitter Rant

After accusing former FBI Director James Comey of perjury and running off to play golf to avoid further questions, Donald Trump just attacked him again on Twitter.

On Thursday, Comey testified that Trump demanded his loyalty and wanted him to drop the Russia investigation, revealing that Trump has been lying through his teeth to the American people.

Trump remained silent throughout the day per the request of Republicans. But Trump ended his silence on Friday by accusing Comey of lying and calling him a “leaker.”

Trump then cut and ran to his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey and hadn’t been heard from since.

That changed on Sunday morning when Trump took to Twitter again to viciously attack Comey, accusing him of breaking the law by leaking his own unclassified memos. He added insult to injury by calling Comey a coward.

Unlike Trump, Comey was brave enough to publicly testify under oath in front of the Senate. Trump, meanwhile, has merely said that he would testify to counter Comey’s claims. We all know that Trump won’t actually testify because he would end up committing several counts of perjury. Also, if Trump wants to seriously talk about leaks, he should look in the mirror because he’s the one who leaked highly classified intelligence to Russian officials during a meeting in the Oval Office, a leak that put our national security at risk, and violated the trust of an ally. And let’s not forget that by telling Comey to kill an investigation and firing him for refusing, Trump committed obstruction of justice, which is illegal.

Twitter users were quick to put Trump in his place.

Trump is impugning James Comey’s character. And he’s doing it on Twitter. As you may recall, Trump has recently complained about the media reporting on his tweets. Well, if he didn’t say stupid shit like this on Twitter the media would not report on it because there would be nothing to report. In the end, Trump is his own worst enemy. Not Comey.

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