Unbelievable! The RW Thinks They've Won the War on Planned Parenthood. Srsly! 

Unbelievable! The RW Thinks They've Won the War on Planned Parenthood. Srsly!

The latest pile of hooey they're selling is that they have "caught" Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards in what they're calling a big, fat lie over mammograms.

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards’ answer was as devastating to years of liberal lies about the organization as anything could have been.

“There aren’t any Planned Parenthood clinics, to the best of my knowledge, [there are] not any [that] have mammogram machines at their facility,” she said during Tuesday’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing.

That simple admission—under oath—directly contradicted one of the most ubiquitous talking points of Planned Parenthood supporters: that federal funding for the organization is necessary because it provides essential health care such as mammograms.

Yup. They are all over the airwaves loudly proclaiming victory because Planned Parenthood clinics don't contain a radiology department and perform their own mammograms.

They forget that no doctors office has its own radiology department. Some very large, multi specialty clinics might have their own, but you'll never find them in doctors' offices or small clinics because the cost would be prohibitive.

They also omit the fact that a woman can't simply walk in to a radiologist and have a mammogram done at her request. They need a doctor's order for it and that's what Planned Parenthood gives their patients after their clinic visit and breast exam. They also get referred to the radiologist who will perform the mammogram for Planned Parenthood and forward the reading back to them the same way they would for any clinic or doctor's office.

A low income woman needs both the order and referral since the cost of a mammogram would not be financially possible otherwise (another fact the RW is deliberately ignoring). Planned Parenthood has arrangements with local radiology departments and radiologists for their mammography needs.

With Richards’ admission, then, it’s clear that she and her organization’s biggest supporters have simply been lying for years.

All it took was a simple question to expose them.

So, while we're laughing at the hearing on Planned Parenthood, the RW is busy spinning a load of hogwash and feeding it to their readers, listeners, and viewers. And if you think that this is just one of our local hate radio stations you need to check out the Washington Post, the RW newsbusters, Glen Beck's The Blaze, and others.

Yes, they think they've won. Un-friggen-believable.