There is, at present, in North America and elsewhere, a huge and very important battle going on. The battle is going to decide who rules everything. It is between "the people" and economic interests.

The only "power" that the people have is in being able to put those who seek positions in government into office. We do that presently by voting.

The power that economic interests have is wealth. They use that wealth to buy off those we elect and get laws passed that gives them more and more control of our society. Their interests are economic. Their aim is purely profit. To them, people are only cogs in the corporate, money-making machinery.

In the end it comes down to whether our social system (our society) runs things for the benefit of its members, us, or whether our economic system runs things for the benefit of the wealthy and puts profit ahead of every human social need.

We live under those two systems; social and economic. In recent decades we have allowed the economic to invade the social sphere and warp our social system into being a mere supporter of the economic system. This is the tail wagging the dog.

We need to establish the social system as the dominant one and that social system must control and regulate the economic one so that its purpose is not "profit" for only a few - the wealthy - but for everyone in our society. The economic system is a tool that should be used to enhance the lives of all members of society. It should not be the master. We can see, right now, all around us, the results of the economic system slipping away from social control and, in fact, even coming to control the social system in many important areas.

We definitely need a healthy economic system but that system must be oriented to serve all of "the people" instead of just that few elite at the top.

This does NOT mean that we have to do away with our great capitalist system, just that we must get it under control and keep it under control so that it serves our citizens as any good tool serves its user