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U.K. Tells Trump To F*ck Off, Cancels His Visit For At Least Two Years

Recently, news broke that tortured little snowflake Donald Trump didn’t want to visit the United Kingdom because the — especially after his vicious and lie-filled attacks against the mayor of London.

Since The Donald is oh-so-sad that he has a across the pond, the U.K. has decided to oblige. In fact, they have told him to f*ck off for “at least” a couple years.

May had extended an invitation for a state visit to Trump shortly after a minority of Americans elected him with the help of a flawed and outdated electoral system that .

Though May has clarified that the invitation is still on, it has been tabled for at least two years.

In the Queen’s address on Wednesday, she continued the tradition of mentioning upcoming state visits — like when the U.K. will welcome King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain in July. But she didn’t mention Trump at all. In fact, the reports that it will be at least two years before The Donald is allowed to visit.

Recently, a number of officials — including London Mayor Sadiq Khan — demanded that the visit be canceled altogether. Downing Street have clarified that the invitation still stands, but that no date has been set.

Though our British friends are continuing their almost disgusting level of politeness. it is clear that The Donald is simply not welcome.

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