Uber takes on NYC Mayor De Blasio with cheap political tatics

Over the past few days Uber has launched an aggressive ad campaign targeting NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio. The Mayor was targeted because he supports a plan that will slow the growth of Uber cars in New York City. Currently there are an estimated 25,000 Uber drivers in NYC and its 5 boroughs. That's compared to only 13,000 Yellow Cabs. Uber believes the Mayor is caving to the pressure of the Yellow Cab lobby. The Mayor believes the "unlimited, unregulated growth of Uber" will lead to an increase in congestion and lower the quality of life in the city and it's 5 boroughs.

As most people know Uber's chief adviser is David Plouffe, who ran the Obama re-election campaign in 2012 and was the chief strategist in 2008. So he knows a thing or two about pressuring politicians. That's why I find this ad campaign so disingenuous​. Uber's disagreement with the Mayor isn't necessarily about creating jobs or making it easier for people in the outer boroughs to get a car service home. This is all about money. And i'm actually fine with that. Just be upfront.

Why not take Mayor De Blasio on directly and debate his main concerns regarding traffic increases and quality of life issues. Explain how Uber's technology is so superior that it will actually lead to less congestion vs. Yellow Cabs​ trolling the street for fares. Explain how Uber is dedicated to proving the best service with the least amount of environmental impact. Tell it to us straight and maybe we will support you. Stop with the smoke and mirrors of political strategy​.