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The Tweeter In Chief Won’t Shut The F*ck Up, And His Staff Is Sick Of It

Imagine you’re ten years old. It doesn’t matter who you are, because we all did this. You want to go someplace your parents don’t want you to go, so you scheme with a pal and each tell your respective parents you’ll be at the other’s house that night. It works like a charm.

Now imagine your friend keeps telling everyone about it. Not his parents, and not yours, but all of your friends. Even their parents. This “friend” goes on a spree: They tell the gym teacher, your older sister (who hates you), that weird guy who hangs out by the post office, literally anyone who will listen. Except you guys’ parents — he doesn’t want to get in trouble, after all.

You start to wonder why you were ever friends with this kid to begin with.

Now you know what it’s like to work for Donald Trump.

I mean, sure, you have to add in some serious personality defects outside of an inability to keep their trap shut, but essentially this is Trump: A giant ten year-old with a big mouth. When you translate that to the presidency, especially during an investigation of which many people still don’t seem aware of the gravity, you get what .

Speaking on condition of anonymity, several senior White House officials expressed their dismay at the president’s off-the-cuff tweets. No sooner have they denied something, or referred questions about it to Trump’s lawyer(s), than the man himself confirms it via Twitter. Case in point:

It’s not really a secret who Trump is talking about here — it’s Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy AG filling in for Jeff Keebler Sessions, who has recused himself from anything involving the Russia investigation. Rosenstein wrote a memo at the behest of the president that led directly to the firing of James Comey, the former FBI Director who was investigating Russian connections in the Trump administration. But the tweet itself served to confirm that Trump was under investigation himself, something he and his aides have been artfully denying at length.

A senior official to Daily Beast:

Has anyone read him his Miranda rights?”

That reference, of course, is to the president’s right to remain silent. Beast sums up the circle jerk much better than I can:

So will Trump ever learn to keep his secrets to himself? Let’s hope not.

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