Turkey May Be Attacking ISIS But They Are Also Attacking The Kurds 

Turkey May Be Attacking ISIS But They Are Also Attacking The Kurds

Turkey has launched more air raids against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Syria and against Kurdish fighters in Iraq.

The PKK said the strikes on its bases meant the Turkish government had ended a fragile 2013 ceasefire between the two sides.

The president of Iraq's Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) Masoud Barzani, spoke to Davutoglu over the telephone on Saturday and "expressed his displeasure with the dangerous level the situation has reached", according to a KRG statement.

So on the one hand there is a significant policy change with Turkey attacking ISIS and a return to a very old one, with Turkey attacking the Kurds.

Of course for our governments own reasons we approve of them doing both

Personally I have always thought this was Turkey's price for joining in against ISIS, that nobody complains if they do away with the PKK whilst they are at it.

Many have praised the PKK for resisting ISIS in Kobane and for saving many Yazidi lives. They will continue to be branded terrorists and therefore fair game.

This latest flair up between the PKK and the Turkish government is over counter claims that Turkey assisted ISIS in killing many Kurds in a bomb attack and the PKK response in allegedly killing two Turkish guards [they have not claimed responsibility as yet].

What the Kurds in France are saying

Saleh Mustapha, a Kurd living in France, said Turkey was double-dealing with the Kurds.


"I condemn the attacks against Kurds of Turkey, and at the same time Turkey is double-dealing. It is trying to convince the international community that it is fighting ISIS but in reality it is targeting the Kurds in northern Iraq," Mustapha said.


Another demonstrator of Kurdish origin, Leon Deart, said that Turkey had not changed and was still targeting the Kurdish community.


"I want the world to know, I think Turkey won't change from one day to the next. There are still a base for ISIS. We have seen people arrested but among the 600 people arrested, there were probably a hundred from ISIS and the rest were Kurds. In fact, we want the world to witness that," Deart said.

Turkey has enforced silence as a price for their support in the past, try declaring the reality of the Armenian Genocide

Mr. Erdogan’s small but significant shift lags far behind the progressive forces in Turkey who speak openly about the mass killings that accompanied the end of the Ottoman Empire. Many of the millions of Kurdish citizens of Turkey, some of whom are descendants of perpetrators of anti-Armenian violence, have apologized for the genocide in which their forefathers participated. The Kurds have themselves been victims of Turkish state violence in the last century and now tell Armenians, “They had you for breakfast and will have us for dinner.”

There are so many monsters and many of them direct creations of the west's wars [Imperial, Cold and Modern] in the region, will someone please tell me, whose side we are meant to be on? Or do we just keep our fingers crossed as usual and hope we are bombing the right ones, or do we just go along with what many on the right want and get Israel to bomb Iran? That will do the trick.

In the meantime we can all sleep easier and repeat the mantra, none of this is our fault.