Turkey and the YPG

The US regard the YPG as essential in the war against ISIS.

Turkey regard the YPG [ Kurdish People's Protection Units] suspiciously as an offshoot of the PKK [Kurdistan Workers' Party]

Of those who joined the YPG, 690 Turkish nationals were wounded and received medical treatment in several hospitals in various Turkish provinces. After receiving treatment, Turkish prosecutors questioned those suspected to have links with PKK. Nearly 100 people have been arrested over charges of being members of a terrorist organization, and other investigations are still underway, the report stated.

The US regard the PKK as a terrorist organization.

Turkey has been accused of targeting YPG.

Kurdish officials told Al Jazeera on Monday that overnight shelling targeted a checkpoint in a village outside Kobane manned by the Burkan al-Furat (Euphrates Volcano) battalion, a coalition of fighters from the Free Syrian Army and the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG).

The YPG basically control the whole of the Northern Syria from the Iraq border to Aleppo, therefore they pretty much control the whole of the Turkey/Syrian border.

The YPG has pretty much stopped the flow of western foreign fighters from Turkey to ISIS.

There is a hashtag battle going on

It is more than confusing.

The question remains, what are Erdogan's objectives, the BBC have this latest report [11 minutes ago]

The Turkish president has said that Turkey cannot continue the peace process with the Kurds amid attacks by Kurdish militants on Turkish targets.


It comes as the Nato alliance discusses Turkey's campaigns against the Islamic State (IS) group and Kurdish militants.

The Turkish government has long been accused of at best turning a blind eye to the rise of IS - and at worst, actively backing the jihadists against the Assad regime. It has always denied the allegation.


But last week came the suicide bombing in Suruc, southern Turkey, in which 32 died and which Turkey blamed on a militant trained by IS.


Ankara's strategy is complex. Alongside the IS strikes, Turkey has now bombed several PKK positions and arrested hundreds of suspected members of the group.


Critics believe Turkey is only striking the jihadists as cover for going after its real enemy: Kurdish militants.

How do you tell who Turkey is targeting?