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Truth Like Absolute Zero

“Absolute zero is the lowest possible temperature where nothing could be colder and no heat energy remains in a substance…While scientists cannot fully achieve a state of ‘zero’ heat energy in a substance, they have made great advancements in achieving temperatures ever closer to absolute zero…().”

There is truth. Like the theoretical temperature of absolute zero, –273.15°C, truth in its coldest form exists. Free from the heat of falsehoods, exaggerations, opinions, or delusions, the truth is out there. But like absolute zero, humans can get close to achieving this state, but not get all the way there. Our perceptions and incomplete information keep us just a few degrees shy of absolute truth.

The role of journalism is to seek absolute truth, like those dedicated scientists looking to achieve absolute zero. They know it’s out there, they know the truth exists, but they also know that the purest form is as of yet just out of reach. This doesn’t keep a serious journalist from trying every work day to achieve this state. The challenge of truth keeps the serious journalist striving. And getting close to 0°K in truth is still an achievement- it does push forward human consciousness.

It is the role of citizens to provide the audience for truth in journalism. Those of us eligible to vote must require ourselves to discern the cold hard truth in our media outlets, and throw out the ones with heated vitriol. It is the responsibility of Americans to demand accuracy from their media outlets, and also themselves. There is no room right now for heated debate. What we need is to cool off close to the absolute zero of truth.

At this moment, this precise moment, our nation is in endangered by the heat of unchecked lies, manipulations, and delusions. The White House’s main advisor is a man who ran an online rag that propagated heated lies. The president routinely steps in front of a microphone and spews heated lies. Fact checkers, like thermometers, are breaking in this heat wave of B.S. And now we are learning the depth of the involvement of the Russian government in the 2016 presidential election, and the role of foreign spin and misinformation in swaying the minds of enough voters to determine the outcome of that election.

These are dangerous times for the truth- our nation has strayed. However, with dedicated journalists and a responsible electorate, we can cool off this hot mess. We need to bundle up and keep seeking that moment where no heat remains, where only the stillness of truth exists. From that moment of knowing, we are free to move forward with wisdom.