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Trump's under the gun again, what now? What else. Throw out another shiny object!

     You know, then it comes to denial and self delusion, I have to hand it to the Republicans. They’re better than a mean drunk. Drinking problem? Bullshit, I don’t have a drinking problem, and I didn’t fall down those stairs, I was pushed. Right, except he lives alone because his wife took the two kids and went home to mother rather than put up with him.    

     Did you notice that there was something just a little different in the Comey testimony? In most congressional hearings where the witnesses may not be favorable to them, GOP committee members do one of two things. They either attack the witness, or they go off into the weeds trying to confuse and obfuscate the topic of the testimony. It was different with Comey, they had to question him, it was their committee, but with the exception of “Diamondbacks” McCain, who was just incoherent, the rest of them were very careful in their questions, not to give him a chance to expand and enlarge on his damaging testimony about his interactions with Trump.

     El Pendejo Presidente of course claimed complete vindication, “Comey confirmed I wasn’t under investigation”! The operative word in that sentence is of course the past tense “wasn’t”, but since that word has neither dollar signs nor long hair, Trump didn’t pay close enough attention to tell the difference. But other Republicans knew that they just got their asses kicked, and they needed a pushback. But what?

     The answer turned out to be simple, and pure Republican. The Hill that they already have their sacrificial lamb picked out, and the alter of the Judicial Committee all cleaned up and ready for the ceremony. And the lamb in question is an old friend, Loretta Lynch;

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are seizing on Comey’s testimony earlier this month that he was concerned over the former attorney general telling the FBI to refer to the Clinton investigation as a "matter," which resembled the Clinton campaign line.

     This is a true work of pre-Colombian art. Comey tells the committee that Trump repeatedly pressured him for both personal loyalty as well as pressuring him to drop the Flynn investigation, to the point where Comey had to insist that the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions not leave him alone in a room with Trump again, and the only sentence in the entire 1:20 of testimony that lodged in the tapioca that Republicans have for brains was Comey’s petty beef about Lynch interfering in the verbal semantics of the FBI investigation to be used with the media. He never said she threatened to fire him, nor did she tell him to shut down the investigation, nor did she try to steer the investigation in any preset direction, just to say “matter” instead of “investigation”. But that’s more than enough for the word police in the GOP Senate;

Sen. (Texas), the No. 2 Senate Republican who is a member of both the Intelligence and Judiciary committees, said it “would be very helpful” for Lynch to testify before the Judiciary panel, which oversees the Justice Department.
“Frankly, a lot of what Hillary Clinton was exposed to by Director Comey’s misconduct and the way he handled that was apparently in response to his lack of confidence in the attorney general, and I think there is a lot we could learn from that,” Cornyn said.

     Somehow or other I don’t think that Cornyn quite realizes exactly what he’s saying here. What exactly was Hillary Clinton “exposed to” by James Comey? Oh yeah, he publicly flogged her with a semantic cat-o-nines over her loose-lips-sink-ships attitude with her personal e-mail server, and all because Loretta Lynch told him to use the word “matter” when dealing with the media? Cornyn is unwittingly repeating the assertion that Comey was fired for being witchy to Crooked Hillary, a theory that his lord and master has already dumped a gallon of gasoline on and burned to ashes.

     But don’t worry, when dumb old GOP Senators fail to find the magic switch to pull to get the base all riled up about something so nebulous that their tiny, mis-wired brains can’t comprehend it, the cranial cabbage patch kids over at FOX are always ready to haul out to make it crystal clear;

Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in this morning, saying Lynch has a "lot of explaining to do" following former FBI Director James Comey's to the Senate.

    Aw, shit! Judge Andy is on the case, we’re screwed now! If you’re not too familiar with Judge

Andrew Nepolitano, this should help. He comes across like a guy who got permanently assigned to “Night Court” after getting caught polishing off a bong of Tampico ditch weed before presiding over a murder trial. It wasn’t so much his loony rulings, but the image of the fried pork rind crumbs cascading down the front of his black gown from the inevitable munchies attack dented the dignity of his office.

     So, there you have it. Here, in all of its pristine beauty is the GOP’s master plan to save Trump from the Russia and obstruction of justice investigations. Call Loretta Lynch in to testify as to her shady, almost criminal judgement in daring to engage in semantic political word games with the Director of the FBI, making him get the sadz cuz she didn’t think he knew how to use a political thesaurus. Think the subject of her conversation with Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix might come up? They might wanna be a little bit careful with that line of questioning, since her recusal from the Clinton investigation after that meeting is what made it possible for Comey to turn Clinton into a human blow up bop doll in the first place. This just keeps getting worse and worse.