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Trump’s Twitter Goes Hilariously Off The Rails As He Makes Major Freudian Slip

Sunday night, in a rush to tweet something positive about himself from someone else — after what must have seemed to him like an eternity of news about the about his administration — Donald Trump made a hilarious mistake.

At the time of this writing, it’s still up, but it will surely be deleted, so rather than embedding , here are the screencaps:

In case you missed what was wrong with that tweet, there’s a word that’s waaaaay out of place in context: “Consensual.”

The article that Trump was quoting was by Michael Goodwin in the New York Post, entitled “We’re still better off with Trump than Clinton.” Goodwin, of course, is a hyper-partisan Fox News contributor, a former Republican representative in the Arizona state legislature, and a writer for countless right-wing publications who will have him when they’ve got some column space — finally now landing a spot in the Rupert Murdoch-owned Post.

But that’s not the word that Goodwin used, and if only the president hadn’t been so anxious to edit out the unflattering bits of the quote, he might have caught the Freudian slip before it went to press, so to speak.

Mr. President, wouldn’t you rather have called your own term, correctly, “consequential”? It is, after all: We are all suffering its consequences, although you could have gone on pretending that it meant something more — Jacksonian, or historic, or at least, uh, bigly.

But with his word choice, Donald Trump betrayed himself. Clearly the one he picked has been bouncing around in his brain. Is it guilt that makes him think of consent?

In fact, if I were Donald Trump, I might even try to parlay this misstep into some “intentional” use of the word consensual, as though he meant that America agreed to have him, agreed to acquiesce to his policies, agreed to follow his lead.

But even if he tried that, he would simply leave people thinking of the same meaning that “consensual” usually has — Because we’re all being screwed against our will.

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