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Trump’s Replacement For Corey Lewandowski Is Deleting These Tweets About ‘Sleazy Donald’

Donald Trump’s campaign is skeletal, with a staff of 70. In contrast, Hillary Clinton . The presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s campaign consists of aides with no experience, with the exception of working in his real estate business. It’s like he’s not even trying.

Trump because they’re in fear it would put a stain on their resumes. Until now. The problem here is that Jason Miller, a senior communications adviser for Ted Cruz, who signed up to be Trump’s communications director, had to delete dozens of tweets from his Twitter timeline about the acidic billionaire.

In fact, as ThinkProgress , some of those harshly critical tweets were created just weeks ago.

ThinkProgress was able to recover cached versions of Miller’s deleted anti-Trump tweets.

Any member of a rival’s staff is likely to have some negative things to say about their opponents. But Miller’s tweets about Trump frequently drip with contempt and disgust.

Miller repeatedly referred to the GOP front-runner he now works for as ‘Sleazy.’

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Here’s my favorite in which Miller blasts Trump for his scam-like ‘universities.’

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Miller was against Trump just before he was for him. Who knows, maybe Jason Miller is . Maybe most Republicans are full of sh*t. Or maybe Trump is holding poor Jason hostage and he has to be compliant.

Raw Story that Miller was hired to replace Corey Lewandowski. Somewhere, Corey is laughing because at least he sucked up to the acerbic billionaire – or as Miller calls him “Sleazy Donald.”

Hillary Clinton raised more than $28 million in May, leading Trump by more than $41 million. This is how bad Trump is faring in his campaign to obtain the keys to the White House. Mitt Romney’s campaign in 2012, raised $86.5 million in May during the 2012 presidential race and he still lost.

But Trump has this one new guy who hated him just a few weeks ago to work on his campaign. Jason Miller hasn’t learned that one does not simply delete statements off the Internet. If you write something on social media, the rest of us can see it.

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