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Trump’s Most Damaging Tweets Of All Time: Here’s A List Of The Worst

Everyone knows that Donald Trump is constantly getting himself into hot water on his favorite social media platform, Twitter. With such a limited space to express yourself – even after the increase to 280 characters – it’s easy to back yourself into statements that lack context or step over a line of decency, and fire them off before you think twice.

Sometimes, Trump just deletes a tweet that maybe he feels wasn’t worded strongly enough, or maybe it disappears because someone on his staff alerted him to problems that might arise because of it. But there are plenty of tweets from the president that have never been deleted that really did lasting damage.

There are the ones that screwed Trump over in court cases:

A federal judge ended up using Trump’s own words against him in reversing the “travel ban” but he wouldn’t stop tweeting about it. He wouldn’t stop talking about it in general, which must have been supremely frustrating for the white supremacists inside his administration who wanted so badly for it to succeed. Trump went on to from a hate group in Britain, which certainly didn’t help anyone forget about the time he said “.”

His big mouth didn’t help on DACA, either. A judge overturned the Trump decision to rescind the Obama-era rule allowing undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children to obtain renewable, two-year deferrals on deportation action — and the judge cited Trump’s own tweet in the ruling. He called the decision “arbitrary” and “capricious,” and said it would never stand up in court, because it was clear that the president was doing it entirely for political purposes — he was disagreeing with his own prior statements.

There are the tweets where he thinks he gets to make policy:

How did that work out for you, Mr. President? Oh, that’s right — another case of your mouth getting in the way of what you wanted to actually achieve. The transgender ban on military service has since been overturned, and the armed forces began accepting trans recruits at the beginning of the year.

There are the tweets where he weighs in on the NFL protests:

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all of Trump’s NFL-related tweets, but they’re pretty emblematic of his tone. Trump tweeted about the NFL so many times – while a Hurricane was ravaging the American island of Puerto Rico – that people began calling him obsessed, and with good reason. He made it very clear that he did not believe the black players’ reasoning for their protest, even (possibly illegally) calling for them to be fired over it. He fanned the flames in his most ardently patriotic supporters into believing that NFL players were actually protesting against the flag or the national anthem itself — a ludicrous idea.

Then Trump promptly to the Star-Spangled Banner himself. Yikes!

There are the tweets where he almost actually screws up convictions by opining on what the outcome should be:

In cases like the NYC terrorist and the Army Sergeant who deserted his post and was captured by the Taliban, the government is the prosecutor. That makes any statement from Trump – who as president is the leader of the government – inappropriate and possibly illegal. The only reason these cases didn’t get thrown out entirely is because nobody had ever seen a president do anything like this.

It was no surprise with Trump, though. This is the same man who for five young men, all with brown skin, in the Central Park Jogger case from nearly 30 years ago — a case that didn’t even call for capital punishment as an option, and which all the men were acquitted of.

And there are the tweets that look an awful lot like he’s um… Compensating for something:

Sure, these are tweets about nukes. But we know what he’s really talking about here. I mean, it’s not like he didn’t literally bring up – – the size of his penis in an actual presidential debate. Unfortunately, his pissing contest may lead America into World War Three.

But this has all been in the space of a year. If Donald Trump escapes Robert Mueller’s grasp for a little longer, who knows what kind of havoc he can sow on the internet with his reckless and irresponsible social media behavior?

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