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Trump's miscalculation will hurt him. Badly.

     I’ll be honest, as an ex hockey player, there’s nothing I like more than a lively scrum in the corner or along the boards. And what we have brewing right now is a bench clearing brawl, but there’s just one problem. One team is sending their whole squad out there to mash the captain, and everybody on the other team but the captain is heading for the locker room, pronto.

     Of course I’m speaking of The Orange Julius vs the entire media. Frankly, I don’t understand the motive here. Trump has stonewalled on releasing his taxes this entire cycle, and he’ll continue to do so. Why not do the same thing with the birtherism issue? Trump had a legitimate stalling tactic. He responded to every question on the subject by saying he ‘doesn’t talk about it anymore”, that it was a distraction. His surrogates were on the same page. Then, for some unknown reason it started unraveling. Trump surrogates began saying on air that Trump believed Obama was a U.S. citizen.

     Why the hell do this? True, the media was asking, but when stonewalled by the “I/He doesn’t talk about that anymore, it’s a distraction”, the press backed off in pursuit of other topics. Their clumsy change of direction only ignited the whole issue again, and nothing short of an admission from The Tiny Fisted Emperor would do. Trump’s :07 admission that Obama was born here, followed by him leaving the stage of his “press conference” without taking one question sparked pure media outrage.

     The media is now righteously pissed. Like Bernie Maddof investors, they bought into the scam over and over again, and ended up looking like rubes when the scam was exposed. The media could no longer deny that they had been played for suckers, and that stung. For the first time I can remember, the media used the dread word “lie” to describe Trumpensteins words. And they are going to get their pound of flesh back, this isn’t going to disappear anytime soon.

     The funny thing is that the Clinton campaign doesn’t even have to push this. The media is fueling and pushing this all on their own, in an attempt to restore their tattered dignity and integrity. CNN is on a full fledged temper tantrum. John Berman, Jake Tapper and John King excoriated Trump repeatedly, not only for his flimsy admission, but also for his flat out lie that the Clinton camp started the birtherism issue. One CNN panelist even admitted “We got played”.

     Hell hath no fury like a reporter conned. The New York Times used the word “lie” repeatedly to describe both Trumps birtherism and his accusation on the Clinton campaign. CNN was a bit more tactful, calling the statements “factually false”, or “untruthful”. CNN’s nose is out of joint because they finally realize they got jobbed, cutting away from their regular programming for a thirty minute infomercial and self promotion tour of his new hotel, leading up to his :07 statement. NBC was the pool member that was allowed to send a camera crew on his grand tour of the hotel. They erased the tape in protest, refusing to use any of the footage on air, and nobody else did either. They instead spent all of their spare time excoriating Trump for his refusal after almost six years of smearing the President to either explain his conversion or apologize.

     The worst part for Trump is that the media is now bringing back up both his tantrum against Judge Curiel and his hateful rhetoric aimed at the Khan family. Both of these events had a lasting negative impact on the Trump campaign, they don’t need it brought up and rehashed all over again. The true test of the medias ire will be how much they now go back and start picking over previous obnoxious statements from Trump, and how they deal with them in retrospect. Also important will be how the media now responds to the continuing controversies concerning the Trump Foundation, and the Pam Bondi “pay for play” kerfuffle.

     It is estimated that Mein Furor has received just over $2B in “earned air time” in this cycle, it allowed him to blot out 16 other contenders. Those days are over. And what media time he does get will be much more critical of him. No matter what you think of Trump, you have to admit one thing. When it comes to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, Trumpelthinskin is the Grand Wizard!

     Thanks as always for reading!