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Trump’s Lawyer SNAPS On National TV, Accidentally Admits Trump Colluded With Russia (VIDEO)

It’s only Monday, but Donald Trump is already experiencing one of the worst weeks of his presidency, and possibly his life.

As Trump’s Russian investigation explodes after Robert Mueller’s latest indictments, which were announced earlier today, Trump’s personal attorney only managed to make things worse for the disgraced Commander in Chief. In an interview on CNN earlier today, Trump’s lawyer pretty much admitted that the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia by refusing to deny it, and actually defending those actions!

In the interview, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow spoke about  of George Papadopoulos, who was a Trump campaign national security advisor. Papadopoulos had admitted that he’d told the FBI lies about the conversations he’d had with a liaison working between the Trump campaign and Russian officials regarding emails that were stolen from the Clinton campaign. Sekulow made it perfectly clear that he didn’t think Papadopoulos was wrong at all for having those conversations and that his only mistake was lying to the FBI.

Sekulow stated that the charge against Papadopoulos was “was about a false statement about a timing about when he talked to somebody about Russian activities”, therefore he was “not concerned.”

The conversation Sekulow is referring to was between Papadopoulos and a liaison with “substantial connections with Russian government officials” regarding the “thousands of emails” the Russian government stole from the Clinton campaign. In his statements to the FBI, Papadopoulos had said that this conversation took place before the campaign even started, and wasn’t related to what he was doing for the Trump campaign. However, this was an absolute lie because the Trump campaign authorized activity in which Papadopoulos tried to arrange for the Trump campaign and Russian government officials to meet.

Sekulow insists that the conversations that Papadopoulos was having were not “illegal or inappropriate” – which is certainly an odd thing to say about a campaign’s actions to damage a political opponent with stolen emails. Continuing to be oblivious to what he was actually admitting, Sekulow said:

A conversation that someone would have, regarding a foreign government, whether it was Great Britain, Russia, or anybody else… that’s not an inappropriate activity.”

Once again, the incompetence of Trump and his own team has resulted in self-sabotage. You can watch the clip below:

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