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Trump’s Latest Tweet Proves He Lives Alone In A World Of His Own, This Is Hilarious

It sure seems like Donald Trump isn’t having a very good Christmas. I mean, yeah, he got his tax ripoff passed and signed, and he’s completely upended the entire political system this year, which I think was a goal for him. But with the way 2017 is winding up, he can’t be very comfortable right now.

It’s showing in his tweets. Sometimes you can tell when someone is saying things to convince other people that they’re true, and sometimes people just say things to convince themselves. This Christmas Eve tweet from the President of the United States is, sadly, one of the latter:

He’s pulling out all the stops with this one. He lies first that the tax bill is a “reform” of some kind — in reality, it’s a giant giveaway to corporations, and everyone knows it. He reveals that the bill included drilling in the formerly protected Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which America has time and again said they are against. He touts the repeal of the Individual Mandate portion of Obamacare, calling it “highly unpopular” — when it’s the backbone of an insanely popular system that insured more than 30 million people that had no prior coverage before it was passed in 2010. Even his own constituents are turning on him over the ACA deal, while simultaneously signing up in record numbers.

But the saddest part of the tweet has to be his insistence that it’s been “an incredible year.” This year has been anything but incredible for America, for democracy, or even for Donald Trump himself.

He’s seen his former campaign associates plead guilty and make deals to roll over on him in the Russia investigation. His businesses have lost money. His children have been savaged in social media. His name is being taken down off buildings nationwide and around the world. He has the lowest approval rating of any president in their first year of anyone in history.

It’s no surprise that one of the very first responses to his latest tweet was an instant poll that, by the time I saw it, had twice as many votes as his message had retweets:

Feel free to vote in the poll yourself and make your voice heard.

Happy Holidays, Mr. President. You need the well wishes more than anyone.


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