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Trump’s FEMA Is Whitewashing Bad News About Puerto Rico Relief Efforts

Imagine there was some terrible natural disaster, like a hurricane or something. Say it hit, I don’t know, some island territory of a much larger nation, right? I mean really wiped them out, like no power, no clean water, the works.

Now imagine that the president — of both places, remember this island is a territory — went golfing instead of going straight to the island to sort things out. And let’s just say, for the purposes of this example, that with something even while he was golfing, so he was like… Just not there for the inhabitants of this island. I mean, to the point where even the people who already thought this guy was a racist started thinking, “Really?”

And so people start to complain. The mayor of the island’s capital city . The residents are furious. People are waist-deep in water and disease-carrying insects start breeding in the stagnant pools. They start worrying about Zika and malaria. Mind you, this example takes place now, in 2017.

When the president finally shows up, he pelts churchgoers with rolls of paper towels, as if to say “Now you can clean up all this water!”

Okay, got it firmly in your mind?

Now imagine that the entire time all this was going on, the president’s team had the unmitigated gall to claim that the “rescue and relief” efforts were .

If the “analogy” sounds too clever by half, or like something that could never happen, you clearly haven’t been watching Puerto Rico for the last few weeks. And on Thursday, the agency in charge of overseeing the relief efforts there after Hurricane Maria, FEMA, took it a step further in pushing their agenda of perfect outward appearances.

As of Wednesday night, the Washington Post , FEMA’s website showed that approximately fifty percent of Puerto Rico was without drinking water. It said that a full ninety-five percent had no power, even after more than two weeks. says neither of those things now.

Replacing any sort of bad news is a picture of a grateful citizen hugging a soldier.

Nope, nothing but good news there! Why, just over half of the grocery stores are open now! Of course, that’s after the Trump administration refused to lift the ban on using food stamps — used by some 40% of the population — to buy already-prepared food.

Despite reports that the death toll in Puerto Rico is , Donald Trump told the residents of the island that they should be happy that only 16 people were listed as deceased.

I suppose we should all be happy that Trump decided to go there at all, considering he in the first place.

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