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Trump’s Deplorables Just Vandalized The Lincoln Memorial

Well, it happened. The Nazis have responded to by defacing one that most Americans actually consider important: the Lincoln Memorial.

At around 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday, it was discovered that someone had tagged the monument with red spray paint with what appears to be “Fuc Islam” (though The Donald’s National Parks Service took a page out of his “don’t condemn the Nazis” book and claimed it says “f*ck law”).

via National Parks service

As you can see, the graffiti definitely does not say “f*ck law” — a message that would be convenient for Trump, who calls himself the “law and order President.”

The Twitter hashtag #FucIslam is not heavily used (because of the poor spelling), but is utilized by some spelling-deficient  “Deplorables” to complain about “MUSLIM SCUM DOG-SHIT” and to call for “another crusade.”

Nazis are rioting in the streets, defacing our monuments, and murdering people in broad daylight. When will we say “enough is enough?”

It’s time for Republicans to join the rest of America in opposing fascism — because the time we have left before it’s too late is growing short.

Featured image via screengrab/National Parks Service


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