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Trump’s Approval Rating Slides To RECORD LOWS With No Sign of Slowing Down

We are 59 days into the Trump’s administration, and his approval rating is crap, . In fact, just 37 percent approve of the job that Trump is doing compared to 58 percent who disapprove.

These results results are based on interviews with approximately 1,500 adults with a margin of error of 3 percent. In comparison, Republican-friendly conducted their own poll on March 15, and it showed that just 43 percent of voters approving of Trump’s performance while 51 percent disapprove. In other words, there’s not a poll out there that can paint Trump in a friendly light right now. It took George W. Bush till nearly the end of his presidency to reach approval ratings this low, and part of that was a global economic crash. Nothing along those lines has happened to Trump yet, which makes this all the more telling.

The drop may be due to the disaster that is Trumpcare, along with Trump’s antics on Twitter and his farce of a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Also, Trump’s desire to slander former President Obama with wiretapping accusations, along with backpedaling on who’s paying for the border wall, his illegal travel ban, and his recent budget proposal probably hurt his approval rating too.

With only 41 days until we get past the 100th day of his administration, Trump has relied on selling himself to the public as a likable person. The polls have proven him wrong.

Compared to , Trump’s may be the lowest in a very long time. Obama’s approval rating was 65 percent in 2009; George W. Bush’s was 62 percent in 2001; and Bill Clinton’s was 55 percent in 1993. The first hundred days of a new administration tend to be a honeymoon of sorts, but Trump’s honeymoon has ended abruptly (if it ever even started).

To be honest, while most following Trump expected a lower approval rating, I’m more surprised that he hasn’t started World War III over Twitter. Honestly, I would give Trump a 2 out of 10 just for the fact that he hasn’t killed us all yet, and I am positive his golf game has gotten better.

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