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Trump Tries To Scold North Korea, Ends Up Looking Like A Total Dumbass (VIDEO)

Donald Trump just continues to escalate the disastrous situation with North Korea. Earlier today at a joint press conference with Kuwait’s Amir al-Sabah, Trump couldn’t help but build upon the already concerning comments he’s made to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

At the press conference, CBS’ Major Garrett asked Trump if the United States was definitely going to war with North Korea after the latest threats from the rogue nation. Recently, North Korea had tested a hydrogen bomb, ignoring warnings and threats from Trump and his administration. In response, Trump said:

Military action would certainly be an option. Is it inevitable? Nothing’s inevitable. It would be great if something else could be worked out…I would prefer not going the route of the military, but it’s something certainly that could happen.”

The situation with North Korea has already reached terrifying proportions, and Americans are horrified that their unhinged President is going to thrust the country into a completely unnecessary nuclear war. But as usual, Trump loves pushing all the wrong buttons and making a greater mess. Trump went on to trash his predecessors for not being able to control North Korea, and warned that it would be a “very sad day for North Korea” if America needs to act and use military force against them.

To make matters worse, Trump also completely humiliated himself (and the country) when he tried to talk tough. When Garrett tried to ask Trump if he would allow North Korea to be contained but not denuclearized, Trump tried to bully and scold North Korea – and made himself look foolish in the process. Trump said:

I’m not negotiating with you. Maybe we’ll have a chance to negotiate with somebody else, but I don’t put my negotiations on the table, unlike past administrations. I don’t talk about them. But I can tell you that north Korea’s behaving badly, and it’s got to stop.”

Seriously, we are in great danger of this situation exploding into nuclear war and all Trump can do is say North Korea is “behaving badly” and “it’s got to stop.”

You can watch Trump’s pathetic speech below:

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images