Trump Tries To Provoke North Korea Into Nuking Us After Telling State Dept. To Abandon Diplomacy | THE POLITICUS

Trump Tries To Provoke North Korea Into Nuking Us After Telling State Dept. To Abandon Diplomacy

Donald Trump just dragged the United States closer to a nuclear war.

Trump has been antagonizing and threatening North Korea for months now, practically daring them to attack us.

Prior to his embarrassing speech at the United Nations, Trump began referring to Kim Jong-Un as “Rocket Man.” He used that very nickname again during his speech and threatened to destroy North Korea and slaughter every man, woman, and child living there.

It appeared things had settled down, but Trump resumed attacking North Korea on Sunday morning on Twitter. This time, he told Secretary of State Rex Tillerson not to bother using diplomacy to reign in North Korea, and further provoked Kim Jong-Un by calling him “Little Rocket Man.” Trump then assured Tillerson that “we’ll do what has to be done.” In other words, Trump won’t even try diplomacy and will instead go down the path of war.

Trump just insulted a dictator who has nuclear weapons. That same dictator has already threatened to fire those nuclear weapons at America. Yet Trump thinks it’s a good idea to further antagonize and provoke this crazy person.

Furthermore, Trump basically just told his own State Department not to bother with diplomacy because he is apparently ready to just wage war instead.

If Trump attacks North Korea, he risks starting a war with China as well. And every time he opens his mouth to attack Kim Jong-Un or threaten North Korea, he sabotages any effort to reach a diplomatic solution. The last thing this country needs is to enter into yet another war, especially a war that could result in nuclear Armageddon.

As president, Trump is supposed to be the leader with a cooler head. But he has once again proven that he is unfit for the office and should be ousted immediately before he pushes us into a war no one will win.

Featured Image: Drew Angerer/Getty Images