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Trump Tried To Cancel Boeing Order, Air Force Secretary’s Response Is PERFECT (TWEET)

President-Elect Donald Trump, a former reality television star that thinks he can nix policies and deals just by tweeting about them, is getting a brutal reality check this week.

Just yesterday, Trump took to Twitter to accuse Boeing of overcharging the United States for its Air Force One plans. Trump not only stated a completely inaccurate price tag but demanded that the deal be canceled.


It didn’t take long for Trump to get called out for his stupidity, but unfortunately his tweet had an impact on Boeing’s , which had dropped. But Trump didn’t stop with his assault there – in an interview later that day, he accused Boeing again of “doing a number” on America and stated that he didn’t want them to make “that much money.”

In response, to tell America that Trump doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. In a statement, James said, “it is a bit more complicated” than what Trump is claiming (no surprise there). Pointing out just how little Trump understands when it comes to the world and his new role, James said:

Air Force One, although it is a 747 platform, is way, way more than what you would think of as a commercial airliner,” James said in an interview. “It really is, in many ways, a flying White House, in terms of the security. There’s [electronic] countermeasures built in, communications, very high level communications, security of all types. After all, this is carrying the president of the United States. It has to go long distances, it has to survive under difficult circumstances, much more difficulty than a normal civilian airliner. So it is a bit more complicated than perhaps meets the eye.”

James also stated that the Air Force One project isn’t even close to being implemented – it is in the research and development stages. It will be about a decade before the planes are even ready. And it gets even more comical – Boeing has completely debunked Trump’s ridiculous $4 billion assertion, stating that the planes are . Even if you take the government’s budget for the project, which has been projected all the way to 2021, the total comes to  So basically, Trump is a lying moron.

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