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Trump Supporters Busted Waving Russian Flags With Trump’s Name On Them

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger, they did — in a big way thanks to tiny flags. Donald Trump spoke at the  Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday and the audience was filled with his supporters. No surprise there. But things took an unexpected turn when the crowd started that featured Trump’s name.

Staffers at the event were apparently smart enough to realize that this isn’t exactly the message Trump and his supporters need to be sending at this point in time, so they quickly confiscated the flags.

Trump’s speech itself did very little to help his cause and only deepened suspicions about his ties to Russia. He attacked the media yet again, particularly the Washington Post. He condemned them for publishing the report that busted National Security Adviser Michael Flynn for conspiring with the Russian ambassador, which led to his firing. He then took aim at the press in general, denouncing the use of anonymous sources.

So where did the flags come from? Two protestors, Jason Charter and Ryan Clayton, are apparently . They say they managed to pass out almost 1,000 flags before security stepped in.

“Most people didn’t realize it was a Russian flag, or they didn’t care,” Charter told the press afterward. “It shows how Trump and Russia are so connected, they like peas in pod!” said Clayton.

Charter slipped past security and wasn’t escorted out of the event until he started heckling Trump, calling him out as a fascist and “Putin’s puppet.”

“And, I was banned from CPAC,” Charter said. “I think there are multiple ways you can resist against Trump, and I think this is one way that’s extremely effective. It’s fun to have a joke sometimes in a very serious situation.”

Charter and Clayton said that rather than a “false flag operation,” this was a “true flag operation.”

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