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Trump Spends Labor Day At Golf Club, Issues STUNNING ‘Screw You’ Message To American Workers

This is how Donald Trump really feels about American workers.

Today on Labor Day, we celebrate the hard-fought gains workers have achieved in this country such as mandatory minimum wage, worker safety, vacations, overtime pay, sick leave, and weekends, just to name a few.

Obviously, there is still much work to be done to make the lives of workers even better, even on some of the things mentioned in that short list.

As many Americans mark Labor Day by spending time with their families and taking the day off, others are still hard at work earning the paycheck they need to survive. Donald Trump, of course, is in Bedminster, New Jersey, something he has done a lot of since taking office eight months ago. In fact, Trump has taken more days off in the last eight months than American workers typically get over two or three years combined.

Most Americans can’t afford to go golfing every weekend. Many can’t even afford to not work on the weekends. As president, one would think Trump would be working hard at the White House, especially as the situation with North Korea is heating up and the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey continues to unfold.

But Trump is at his golf course, and he surely had an inspiring message for workers on Labor Day, right? RIGHT!?


Despite his propensity for tweeting and his big mouth that often says many things, Donald Trump did not say one peep about workers on Labor Day this year. At least not yet.

As of now, this is what Trump’s Twitter page looks like.

Not a single word since Sunday morning. Trump’s POTUS Twitter account has also been silent, not posting anything since Saturday.

The White House has been equally silent. No statements or remarks have been made recognizing Labor Day or American workers.

As we all know, Trump has disdain for American workers. Hell, he doesn’t even bother hiring Americans to work at his Mar-a-Lago resort. He files .

Trump’s silence on Labor Day speaks volumes. He claims to be helping American workers but his picks to run the Labor Department and his decisions to slash critical regulations make it clear that he doesn’t give a damn about them at all. Having no message for American workers on Labor Day is just another stab in the back.

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