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Trump Is So Worried About GA Democrat Ossoff He Resorts To Fear Mongering (Tweets)

President Trump has found something to be worried about and it is not North Korea or his golf game, as the Special Election in Georiga’s 6th Congressional District has members from the top to bottom of the Republican Party concerned.

The Republican party has historically won this district since the 1970’s, but this year’s primary will pit all the candidates, regardless of their party affiliation, in a free for all. If no one is decided as the clear winner, the runoff will occur between the two highest vote receivers. Party affiliation will not be a factor during the runoff.

Democrat hopeful is a former congressional staffer and not a fan of the President. He has raised over $8 million for his campaign. According to , Ossoff is averaging approximately 42 percent of the vote.

Trump has tweeted about the race four times in the last 24 hours as if Ossoff is the new Obama.

Trump’s concerns are more than what he is tweeting as he attempts to distract us from his right hand. A victory for Ossoff will deal a symbolic blow to Trump’s nascent administration and signals that voters are getting tired of him and his party’s shenanigans.

In regards to our President, Democrats can quote three words we say to another as a comfort and as a reminder, “Things Always Change.”

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