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Is Trump running out of mouthpieces?

     Question for all of you lovely folks. Is it just me, or does it seem like the Trump spokesman bullpen is getting a little short on relievers? That’s the problem when something is not happening, sometimes it takes a while to notice it. But now I have.

     Cast your mind back to the first couple of weeks of the Trumpenstein White House. Sean Spicer stumbled badly coming out of the gate as the WH Spokesman. Hell, he tripped over his laces and fell flat on his face. But it was no problem, out came KellyAnne Conway and Reince Priebus, hitting the shows to prop him up, and get the message back on track. Stephen Miller even had a walk on appearance or two to get people warmed up to him, as if that were possible. Then Spicer started getting his act a little bit more together, but both Conway and Priebus were still in noticeable circulation, preaching the spin.

     So, what’s happened in the last couple of weeks or so? While Spicer is doing a better job of dodging the questions, the administration is in trouble. Too many stories for one man to cover, unless he’s going to start sleeping in the press briefing room. Russia, flubs with foreign leaders, now Trumpcare’s less than sterling reception. Where is the cavalry?

     Nowhere to be seen. Conway hit herself in the face with back to back shaving cream pies. First, she was so obvious about her refusal to even consider answering an actual question that many media outlets refused to book her on their programs anymore when she called. Even Mika on Morning Joe announced that she would no longer book her on the show. So she’s pretty much marooned to Fox Island, where she stepped in it again by flagrantly plugging Ivanka’s line of crap from the WH briefing room. So, there she sits, next to the cooler, waiting for the phone to ring.

     What about Priebus? MIA at the moment. To me, ever since the administration started, Reince has not been very comfortable on the media circuit. He seems to have trouble keeping anything like a confident smile on his face while he’s trying to explain away whatever nonsense he has to cover for, half of which he doesn’t believe. And when he lies, it’s even worse for him. He told Chuck Todd that he knew what was in the briefings to congress, since he had called up to find out. First, I find it unlikely that anybody would give him the time of day, he wasn’t on the contact list for a briefing. And if they did, he broke the chain of communication protocol in calling over there to get it. Add in the  fact that  are leaking out that Rinsed Penis is being set up to take the fall for all the ills of the west wing, and I think it’s most likely that he’s locked in a room in the basement, wearing a hair shirt and awaiting his fate.

     Which leaves Stephen Miller. Nobodies choice for a closer. Direct, arrogant, and abrasive, with a terrible television persona, he makes you hate him the minute the camera hits him. And now it looks like he’s about to be in trouble with Da Boss too for his big mouth. The WaPo is that he may very well have inadvertently made Trump’s life more miserable than it already was. In a February 21 interview about the upcoming new immigration EO, he stated imperiously;

Miller told Fox News that the new travel ban would have the same effect as the old one. He said: “Fundamentally, you're still going to have the same basic policy outcome for the country, but you're going to be responsive to a lot of very technical issues that were brought up by the court, and those will be addressed. But, in terms of protecting the country, those basic policies are still going to be in effect.”

     No, no, no fool! The original EO was found to be unconstitutional. You don’t come out in a public statement and confide to the world, at least the Fox world that what you’re actually doing with the revised order is to put a different shade of lipstick on the same fat pig! Especially when the appeals court said that they took Trump’s past words, both as President and in the campaign, into consideration of the actual intent of the order. Think the new courts will take Miller’s comments into consideration of how honest the changes were?

     So Sean of the Dread, if I was you, I wouldn’t be looking for any days off soon. You’ve finally made it to the top of the mountain, only to find out that it’s pretty freakin’ cold up there in the wind! And the more things the press questions you on, and the longer they stay on them, the harder it is to keep the bullshit straight, you’ll start to slip up.As God said to Noah in the old comedy routine, “How long can you tread water”?


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