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Trump Ruined As Insider Reveals WH Staff Talks About Impeaching Trump ‘All The Time’ (VIDEO)

The tell-all anti-Trump book by Michael Wolff, is filled with a ton of disturbing revelations, but the most horrific one has just been revealed.

Wolff’s book exposed several of Donald Trump’s own staffers – past and present – for mocking and speaking out against the president’s lack of intelligence and incompetence, which has resulted in Trump rage-tweeting for the last several days. However, the latest bombshell that has been exposed in the book is about to send him over the edge.

In an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press this morning, Wolff spoke with host Chuck Todd about the contents of his book, and dropped a brutal truthbomb that should not only disturb Trump, but every single one of us. In the interview, Todd asked Wolff if he had left out any “good stuff” in his book because it might have gotten “in the way of the narrative.” Todd was actually looking for a rare positive story about Trump, but he received the exact opposite.

Wolff responded and said that if he’d left any information out of the book, it was only “stuff that was even more damning.” And then he followed that shocking statement with this:

It’s not unreasonable to say this is 25th Amendment kind of stuff.”

The 25th Amendment allows for a president to be removed if he is not physically or mentally capable of performing his presidential duties. While many of us would agree that Trump should have been removed a long time ago for his inability to lead the country, what Wolff says about the 25th Amendment’s discussion in Trump’s administration is shocking.

When Todd asked Wolff if staffers in the West Wing had brought up the 25th Amendment to him, Wolff said:

All the time.”

Wolff added, “They would say, We’re not at a 25th Amendment level yet. It is alarming in every way.”

We’re almost afraid to ask how much more chaos Trump’s administration will tolerate before impeachment becomes reality. You can watch this damning interview below:

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