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Trump Praises Kim Jong-Un For Being Wiser And More Reasonable Than Him

Donald Trump is barely playing checkers while Kim Jong-Un is playing chess.

It’s not often that the American president is schooled by bratty little dictator, but that’s exactly what happened because Trump is even more of a tantrum-throwing petulant child.

Instead of seeking diplomatic solutions to North Korea’s nuclear ability, Trump chose to make threats and increased the chances of nuclear war.

Trump said he would rain “fire and fury” upon North Korea. North Korea responded with threats of firing missiles at Guam. Trump doubled down and bragged about America’s nuclear arsenal and suggested he would use it. He also said his “fire and fury” remarks were not strong enough.

Well, Trump’s level of crazy is apparently too much crazy for Kim Jong-Un, who and proved without a shadow of a doubt that even he is a more reasonable leader than Trump is.

Trump even admitted it in a tweet praising the North Korean leader.

If nuclear apocalypse was so unacceptable to Trump, he wouldn’t have threatened it in the first place. He put our world at serious risk by escalating rhetoric and tension. The world economy lost $1 TRILLION dollars because of Trump, not because of Kim Jong-Un.

Kim Jong-Un has made empty threats before. It’s a cry for attention and the world moves on. But Trump decided to react the way Kim Jong-Un wanted him to. Now the world sees North Korea’s crazy leader as a more reasonable and responsible leader than Trump, thus damaging American prestige and our reputation around the globe.

There are ways to show strength and resolve without resorting to threatening nuclear annihilation. Trump failed that test of leadership, and he embarrassed our nation in the process.

Donald Trump, however, thinks this showdown makes him look strong. It actually just proves that he is unfit to be president.

Featured Image: Chris Kleponis/Getty Images