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Trump Is Planning On Deporting Non-Mexican Immigrants To A Country They’re Not From

Trump’s crusade against immigrants is in full swing now, with new DHS policies giving broad powers to both ICE and Customs and Border Protection to expedite deportation of individuals without necessarily going through the immigration courts. And where does he plan to send them? . Because that’s so obviously where they’re all from.

So he’s turning it into a crusade against Mexico, too, since the people coming over the southern border are more likely to be from Central America than they are from Mexico. So we’re going to send them to Mexico and they’re going to be Mexico’s problem. This will be true even if they’re fleeing violence in their home countries and trying to claim asylum – while their case is pending, they get to wait…in Mexico.

How American of us.

There are we’re going to shove off on Mexico because Trump is a xenophobic racist who can’t be bothered to even try and fix our immigration system. Furthermore, in addition to shoving people off onto a government we have zero right to burden that way, former senior immigration officials from both countries say that this could easily create new security problems at the border as each government shoves migrants back and forth.

These are migrants who are trying to escape to safety, who are trying to make a better life for themselves; who, despite what Trump, his minions, and his loyal subjects believe, actually make us a better place. And where else have we seen mass deportations from xenophobic white nationalists? Oh, that’s right, Nazi Germany, before they started throwing Jews into concentration camps. Maybe Mexico is Trump’s way of saying, “Not my circus, not my monkeys, but I swear I’m not planning on throwing anybody into any kind of camp!”

DHS officials are currently saying these new policies are just enforcing existing laws and aren’t going to lead to mass raids and deportations. One official :

“We’re just simply trying to execute what Congress and the President has asked us to do. We’re going to do so professionally (and) humanely … but we are going to execute the laws of the United States.”

“Professionally and humanely.” Give us a goddamn break. This has wholly un-American disaster written all over it.

Featured image by Mike Theiler via Getty Images