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Trump middle fingers the alt-right. They don't like it.

     You know, it’s kind of funny. Usually when a politician wins a race, the first thing he does is to try to consolidate his base, maximize his support and clout. Trump appears to doing everything in his power to dismantle the coalition that propelled him to the White House.

     First Trump came right out and said in one of his recent “Thank You” rallies and told his audience could get lost now. He told thousands of his devoted supporters directly to their face, “I don’t need your vote anymore. In four years I might need it again, but I don’t need it anymore now”. For some reason this didn’t get the coverage it should have, although MSNBC caught it and gave it circulation, including a 9 minute segment on “The Last Word”.

 But that’s one thing about the Orange Julius, when he’s serious about something, like getting rid of the chaff, he goes in whole hog. A few days ago he tweeted out holiday greetings, including;


      The rabid supporters on the alt-right are not taking this laying down. And they immediately took to Twitter to express their displeasure to him in a context he fully understands. This one pretty well sums it up;


     Frank wasn’t the only one who was bummed. Another Tweeted a simple “WTF?!”, while a third stated “wtf, I hate Trump now!” You can read more of the Nazi outrage at their turncoat leader at the PoliticusUSA ARTICLE here.

      Why are these people surprised? Trump’s whole campaign was a long con. If any of them needed a warning shot across the bow, it should have come when he scraped his most slavish supporters, Giuliani, Christie and Gingrich off the bottom of his shoe as soon as he was done with them. The only things that are not expendable to Trump are his family and his money.

     This has to be a bitter blow to the alt-right. Back during the campaign, when he disavowed them and their beliefs, they nodded and winked at each other. He had to say that publicly, but they were getting his subliminal messages loud and clear, kind of like Charlie Manson getting secret messages from the Beatles through their songs. This is a direct slap to their faces, first Trump slammed Obama for allowing the UN Security Council resolution to go through, and now he Tweets “Happy Hanukkah”  to one of their greatest enemies. What are they suppo0sed to do with their bed sheets and torches now?

     Trump will prove to be horrible at bringing this diverse country together, but he sure as shit is proving to be adept at tearing his own base apart from the inside out. Can we take this as a clue that he already has no intention of running for another term in 2020? If so, it would be a classic Trump middle finger to the GOP. Play his base for chumps, then come right out and call them chumps to their faces, destroying what he built so that nobody else in the GOP can use it in the future.