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Trump Makes A Complete A** Of Himself In Embarrassing Interview With TIME

Donald Trump literally graded his own presidency and went on to demonstrate his ignorance on multiple topics.

As we all know, Trump loves to brag about himself. According to him, he’s the best at everything and has the biggest penis in the room. But the facts make it clear that Trump has been a bumbling idiot since taking over the White House in January.

Over 100 days into his presidency, Trump has no major legislative accomplishments. His foreign policy has been laughable. And he has ruled via executive orders, something he repeatedly criticized President Obama for doing, except that Obama didn’t have a cooperative Congress, whereas Trump has a Congress controlled by his own party.

Trump is also on pace to take more vacation days and play more golf and spend more taxpayer money on both than President Obama ever did.

Again, Trump has only been in office for just over 100 days.

But in an , Trump openly bragged about his presidency, largely refused to blame himself for anything, and made it clear that he doesn’t know anything about governing.

First, Trump claimed to “love” the job and that he loves “helping people.”

I find the job very natural for me. I find–it’s a very big job obviously, there’s no job big like this. No job is important like this. But I think some of the–I just think it’s something that works for me, it feels very natural to me. And all I said, the job, it is, it’s a difficult job but it’s a job that I find to be–I love doing it. I love helping people.

Yes, he loves the job so much that he has spent nearly a third of his time not doing it.

And last time I checked, “helping people” does not mean deporting them or taking away their healthcare.

Trump also still thinks running the government is still just like running a business. He claimed that he knows “everything there was to know about health care” and bragged that his employees have great healthcare because he “had people that negotiated for my company.” However, only full-time workers get healthcare benefits. Part-time workers, on the other hand, . Trump would be treating millions of Americans like his part-time employees by repealing the Affordable Care Act.

On the White House chaos, Trump would only concede that he “could” be at fault for it and then attacked the New York Times as “one-sided.”

And then he bitched about people not liking him.

I don’t quite get it – if I’m going to do a job with the lowering taxes, better health care, take care of people, take care of hospitalization, all the things we’re doing, because there’s no plan now. You would think that people would like that. And they don’t. … I used to get the credit in business but they want to belittle everything you do.

Again, Trump’s plan is to take healthcare away from 20 million people and lower taxes for the wealthy. Yet he thinks people should like him for it.

Then Trump demonstrated his ignorance on technology by criticizing the problems the new USS Ford class aircraft carriers have faced in recent months.

The US Navy is working on upgrading their aircraft launching system from steam power to digital.

According to , the new technology “will allow it to have a higher aircraft launch and recovery rate, reduced manning, and improved survivability against projected threats.”

Sure, it costs more to build these upgraded ships, but if our military doesn’t keep up with the new technology out there, our enemies could end up have more technologically advanced military equipment than us. And that’s a problem if Trump really wants to keep America safe and our military strong.

“It sounded bad to me,” Trump said. “Digital. They have digital. What is digital? And it’s very complicated, you have to be Albert Einstein to figure it out. And I said–and now they want to buy more aircraft carriers. I said what system are you going to be–”Sir, we’re staying with digital.” I said no you’re not. You going to goddamned steam, the digital costs hundreds of millions of dollars more money and it’s no good.”

No, you don’t have to be Albert Einstein to “figure it out.” You just have to have a f*cking brain and the ability to read.

New systems need to be tested and there are technical issues that have to be ironed out. Delays should be expected, especially when something is being done for the first time. That’s exactly what is happening here. The USS Gerald R. Ford will be the first ship of the new class and will be the most technologically advanced warship in our carrier fleet. The new technology will also actually save us money in the long run because yearly maintenance will cost less. But Trump would rather take the military backward because technology is too hard for him to understand.

Trump then had the gall to grade his own foreign policy. And, of course, he gave himself top marks.

You know what’s interesting, I’m getting very good marks in foreign policy. People would not think of me in that light. I’m just saying, and you read the same things I read. I’m getting As and A+s on foreign policy. And nobody thought about it.

This coming from a man who ignored the One China policy, ordered a bombing in Syria that failed to make a runway useless to the Syrians, insulted our closest allies, threatened to kill NATO, and pals around with brutal dictators. Oh, and Trump also ordered a raid in Yemen based on faulty intelligence that ended up getting a Navy SEAL killed along with women and children, including an American girl. Trump also admitted during the interview that he “authorized the generals to do the fighting.”

You know, because he loves his new job so much that he would rather not make the difficult decisions. By giving the generals the authority to make these military decisions, he can blame them when something goes wrong. That’s far from the buck stopping at the president’s desk.

Donald Trump is a joke who is far too irresponsible and ignorant to be president. This interview proves it.

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