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Trump Liked A Tweet Calling Him Unpresidential Two Weeks Ago. He Has Yet To Unlike It (IMAGES)

We knew that Donald Trump is one of those people who is proud of the fact that he doesn’t read. His intelligence level is so low, and his attention span is so short, that rumor has it that he gets his intelligence briefings because he can’t be bothered to read more than two words of text at any given time. That had to have been the case two weeks ago when he liked a tweet mocking his spelling skills and calling him unpresidential.

That’s not the only thing that’s remarkable about this. That like, which is one of only 14 on his Twitter feed, is still there. Seriously. After two weeks, he hasn’t unliked it. We wouldn’t expect slyn, the person who wrote the tweet, to delete it since as they come, but we would ordinarily expect our Supreme Excellent Imbecilic Leader to unlike it by now, considering slyn said it on Sept. 1st:

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The tweet in question was in response to a corrected tweet about Texas healing from Hurricane Harvey, which devastated the Houston area at the end of August. , “Texas is heeling,” but deleted it and posted a corrected version when the error came to light0. But this mistake persists, and people are loving it:

None of the flak he gets for his egregious misspellings stops him from making himself–and all of us by extension–look amazingly stupid. We all remember his mysterious “covfefe” tweet, which was later deleted and replaced with one telling people to guess what he meant. We all remember “unpresidented,” too. We remember that one so well that, like “covfefe,” it’s still a joke around the internet.

Then, earlier today, he endorsed Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette for governor, but misspelled Schuette’s name:


Jesus Christ, Donnie, you could at least Google the man’s name before you tweet out an endorsement to be sure you’re spelling it correctly.

This is just humiliating. Everyone makes typos occasionally, that’s true. However, Trump needs a damned proofreader for his tweets because he makes so many mistakes. He occupies the highest office in the land and he can’t spell for crap, nor can he be bothered to be sure everything is correct before hitting “tweet.”

Furthermore, he isn’t paying enough attention to his Twitter account to realize what he actually liked. He reflects badly on us where education and intellect are concerned. He makes us all look like a bunch of ignorant rubes here.

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