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Trump LIES To The American People In Support Of Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill

It’s time to impeach the Liar-in-Chief.

Over 30 million Americans stand to lose their healthcare if Donald Trump and Senate Republicans have their way.

The latest effort to kill the Affordable Care Act is the Graham-Cassidy bill, which repeals the landmark legislation and replaces it with a system that steals money from states (mostly blue states) that have successfully implemented Obamacare to give it to states (mostly red states) that have not.

The bill also forces people with pre-existing conditions to pay astronomical insurance premiums, which would price most of them out of the insurance market.

All in all, it’s a terrible bill that will do great harm to the American people.

So, naturally, Trump endorsed the bill and lied to the American people about it.

No, it doesn’t. The bill specifically allows states to price people with pre-existing conditions out of the health insurance market. In other words, if you have cancer or whatever else insurance companies used to call a pre-existing condition such as being a woman and being pregnant, your rates would skyrocket to the point where you can no longer afford insurance. Obamacare prevents this kind of bullshit discrimination.

Trump then praised GOP Senator Bill Cassidy.

Last time I checked, helping people doesn’t mean stripping healthcare away from millions of people. That’s just cruel and would actually throw healthcare into chaos. Back in May, Cassidy said he agreed with Jimmy Kimmel that any repeal and replace bill should make health insurance less expensive. But Cassidy’s bill only makes health insurance premiums more expensive, especially for those who need healthcare the most.

Even that the bill would make life more uncertain for people with pre-existing conditions and the poor.

States could obtain federal waivers allowing them to modify insurance market safeguards for consumers. This means states could set their own coverage requirements. The bill also would allow insurers to boost prices on people with serious medical conditions, end former President Barack Obama’s mandates that most Americans buy insurance and that companies offer coverage to workers, and cut and reshape Medicaid. The bill’s full impacts are difficult to predict because the Congressional Budget Office has not had time to assess it.”

Donald Trump is flat-out lying to the American people about the Graham-Cassidy bill. This bill is toxic and the American people should reject it and make sure that Republicans once again fail to kill people.

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