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Trump Lawyer Threatens Special Counsel NOT To Investigate One Specific Aspect Of Business

When John Oliver the Trump administration’s Russia scandal as ‘stupid Watergate,’ he wasn’t wrong.  Oliver said that everyone involved is “stupid and bad at everything” and wondered “Is this real life?”

It’s so bad that an attorney representing Trump in the ongoing special counsel investigation into whether his campaign colluded with Russia, lawyer up. Yup, even Trump’s lawyer had to get a lawyer.

That same attorney, Jay Sekulow, said in an interview which was published on Saturday that his team would challenge special counsel Robert Mueller if the probe began looking at Trump’s former business deals.

That’s like saying, “Mr. Mueller, you really need to look at THIS!” And it’s important to note that Mueller has access to Donald’s tax returns and that means he is privy to everything Trump has done and is doing.

Politico :

Trump himself told the New York Times in July that he would consider it ‘a violation’ if Mueller’s investigators looked into his personal finances. And the president’s personal attorney, Jay Sekulow, told POLITICO on Thursday he is primed to lodge formal objections with either Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein if the Russia investigation took a wide or unexpected detour into issues like an old Trump real-estate deal.”

“We’d view that as outside the scope of legitimate inquiry,” Sekulow said. “We’d raise it.”

This past July, Trump told that Robert Mueller would be in “violation” of his special counsel mandate if he shifts his probe’s focus from Russia.

“No, I think that’s a violation. Look, this is about Russia. So I think if he wants to go, my finances are extremely good, my company is an unbelievably successful company,” Trump said.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein when he announced that he was handing over the reins of the Justice Department’s Russia investigation to a special counsel, that he was giving Robert Mueller the authority to look into “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.”

Mueller is going to follow the money.

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