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Trump Lashes Out At NBA Player Stephen Curry For Not Wanting To Visit White House

Donald Trump attacked yet another black athlete on Saturday morning.

On Friday night, NBA Champion Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry told the media that he doesn’t want to go to the White House.

It has been a tradition for championship teams to be honored at the White House. But Trump is universally despised, so many players have been opting to skip such visits. Several New England Patriots players skipped the event earlier this year in protest of Trump and his racist policies.

And the Chicago Cubs famously visited President Obama after winning the World Series instead of waiting until the next year because Trump would be in office.

Here’s the video of Curry’s remarks via Twitter.

Of course, this sent Trump into a hissy fit.

Curry’s remarks came on the same night Trump called NFL players who kneel during the national anthem “sons of bitches.”

On Saturday morning, Trump attacked Curry and withdrew the invitation to the White House.

Trump’s attack on Curry should be strongly denounced by the Golden State Warriors organization and the NBA. The entire team should reject Trump’s invitation in support of their star player.

This isn’t about visiting the White House. This is about Trump’s ego and his narcissism. He thinks the honor is getting to meet him. The problem is that no one wants to visit a white supremacist and shake his dirty hand.

Keep in mind, Donald Trump called Nazis and white supremacists “fine people” after the violence in Charlottesville earlier this year. Now he is calling black NFL players “sons of bitches” and attacking a black NBA player. Once again, Trump embarrasses the United States and tarnishes the office of the presidency.

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