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Trump Just Wrecked His Alliance With China In One Single Tweet; This Is Bad

Thursday morning, once he was done weighing in on the and for the Obama economy, Donald Trump decided it was time to sound a little more presidential in one of his tweets. I mean, not really — any tweet without some caps-lock and ridiculous garbage is clearly not written by him — but more like he knows what’s going on in the world.

Unfortunately, he’s succumbing to exactly what he constantly accuses the media of: Running with a story before knowing all the facts.

Earlier this week, that their government believed Chinese ships were linking up with North Korean ships at sea in order to transfer energy to the isolated kingdom. Doing so would be a violation of newly-imposed UN sanctions drafted in response to North Korea’s ICBM test at the end of November. But China denies that any such transfers have taken place.

Trump’s immediate seizure of the news as fact is in contradiction to the very positive attitude he came home from his tour of Asia with. At the time, he tweeted nothing but love for China:

Whether the South Korean reports are real or not, it looks bad for Donald Trump. If the news about the ships linking up is true, Trump clearly didn’t secure the “deals” he thought he did with Chinese president Xi Jinping. If they’re false, he’s tweeting “fake news” that’s likely to put us on the bad side of literally the only other superpower left in the world.

Even more astute observers pointed out that Russia — the source of all of Trump’s consternation lately — is known to trade with North Korea in violation of UN sanctions regularly.

I wonder why Donald Trump doesn’t call them out…

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