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Trump Just Told the NAACP To F*ck Off After They Invited Him To Speak

Donald Trump is – beyond a shadow of a doubt – intentionally ‘stirring the pot’ racially. One can argue as to whether or not he actually believes any of the things that he is suggesting about Jews, Mexicans, Muslims, (Women also) or African Americans but he intentionally uses them and their status in America in order to win the ‘hard white’ vote.

The Huffington Post has for months ran every article regarding Mr. Trump with an editor’s note reading:

Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar,rampant xenophoberacistmisogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims ― 1.6 billion members of an entire religion ― from entering the U.S.

At no point throughout his entire campaign has he attempted to make any substantive remarks to address this characterization despite doing things on a weekly basis to nod to white-only groups on the far right.

Now Trump intends to be the 4th presidential candidate since 1980 to snub the NAACP at their national convention. The first was Ronald Reagan who said that he was unable to attend because he was informed too late and had prior engagements, though he later attended the following year as the President of The United States. Bob Dole also snubbed the organization and then lost. Both Bushes attended the event in their first presidential bids, though Bush Junior later declined to attend in 2004.

Trump says that like other Republican presidential candidates in past decades he also has got ‘other stuff to do’ citing the RNC convention that same week. However, as the NAACP has pointed out, the conventions don’t fully coincide with each other.  The NAACP’s convention starts two days prior to the RNC’s and the RNC’s runs an extra day.

President and CEO of the NAACP Cornell William Brooks has personally worked the math for Trump and concluded that he could devote just a few short hours of a single day the RNC convention isn’t running in order to attend:

The two conventions are both in Ohio and, again pointed out be the ever-so-helpful leadership of the NAACP, Trumps already-presidential-looking jet could shuttle him between the two cities within 40 minutes. The explanation given was that they’re holding their convention at the same time. We of course, are in Cincinnati, they are in Cleveland. We were hoping that he would make the short trip from Cleveland to Cincinnati.

And the NAACP’s Twitter account even addressed him:


Mr. Trump – generally ready for anything on Twitter – has failed to respond to their Tweet for over two days. The message is clear: the man who’s willing to be seen with criminals and con-men; who openly admits to buying politicians; the guy who’s charging the Republican party for all of his jet fuel anyways; Donald J Trump doesn’t want to ruin his appeal with ‘hard whites’ by attending an NAACP convention. But you can hardly blame him. While he fairs even more favorably with whites than Clinton he can expect to get well under 10% of African American votes.

So what?

There is nothing I can tell you about Trump that will change your mind on him one way or the other. Either you’re going to vote for him because you’re so angry at America that you want to Brexit the American political system, or you see him for the race baiting fraud he is.

But let’s just remember the next time that anyone says that Barack Obama or any of the other past presidential candidates who’ve had to tip-toe around racial issues somehow incited racial sensitivities. We’ve seen what it looks like when a man twists the dagger of racial divide into the chest of America. We’ve all met race himself.

He’s not remotely sorry about it.

He doesn’t even have to be.

Is he simply an ignorant racist or is he just being racist? And will it work?

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