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Trump Just Threw Himself Under The Bus, Exposes The Fraud In His Own Tax Plan (VIDEO)

Donald Trump messed up big time during a press conference earlier today, as he continued to brag about the disastrous passage of the GOP’s tax bill. In fact, Trump actually threw himself under the bus and admitted that it’s basically a major tax break for the wealthy that gives very little concern to the suffering middle class.

Just a few hours ago, Trump was caught admitting that the main motivating factor behind the GOP’s tax plan was to provide tax cuts for businesses. But of course, the Republican Party tried to reframe this as a break for the middle class. In perhaps his first honest statement since his presidency began, Trump said during the press conference:

The plan also lowers the taxes on American businesses from 35 percent all the way down to 21 percent. That’s probably the biggest factor in this plan.”

But then Trump returned to his regular program of lies, claiming that the plan “is really, above all else, a jobs bill” and mumbling about the flawed “trickle down” economics talking points that the GOP loves using. This argument has already been debunked by many, including former  who point out that this strategy has never worked and will never work because executives refuse to reinvest their money back into the economy.

 commented on Trump’s confession at the press conference, stating that Trump has basically given Americans proof that the Republican Party “deceptively sold” their tax plan as a break for the middle class, when in fact it is the very opposite. Remember when White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the bill’s focus was “primarily, and priority number one, is middle-class Americans?” That’s a far cry from what Trump is saying in the video below:

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