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Trump Just Made His Endorsement Of Accused Pedophile Roy Moore Much Worse (DETAILS)

Monday morning, the worst candidate for the United States Senate in the history of the country got a very special phone call from the worst president the country’s ever known.

The purpose of that taxpayer-funded contact from aboard Air Force One? So Trump could finally offer his unequivocal endorsement to his old fellow sex offender pal, Roy Moore. Moore’s wife, herself likely a victim of Ol’ Roy’s predation (since they met when she was a young teen), was so elated over the news of Trump’s call that she immediately took to Facebook to crow about it:

But it wasn’t just any phone call. Trump could have said any number of things that stopped short of being outright disgusting. But then he wouldn’t be the Donald Trump we all know, would he? So in true Trump fashion, he spoke off the cuff, and Moore’s campaign said that before he hung up the phone, the president told the disgraced former judge:

Go get ’em, Roy!”

That’s just so many levels of wrong, I don’t know where to begin. Trump began the day with a tweet in support of the well-known predator:

Pretending that it’s okay to support an accused child molester in order to secure Republican victories is nothing short of the worst endorsement any president has ever given to any candidate.

But let’s not minimize how awful Moore himself is by making like Trump is worse for giving him the endorsement everyone expected him to give anyway. Clearly buoyed by Trump’s phone call, Moore released a statement shortly after:

I am honored to receive the support and endorsement of President Donald Trump. President Trump knows that the future of his conservative agenda in Congress hinges on this election. I look forward to fighting alongside the President to strengthen our military, secure our border, protect our gun rights, defend the sanctity of life, and confirm conservative judges to courts around this nation. We had a good conversation over the phone today and are working together towards conservative victory on December 12.”

Moore’s campaign, by ignoring, denying, and then going back to ignoring the accusations against him, is absolutely disgusting.

Let’s hope that this coupling of Donald Trump and Roy Moore turns the GOP slogan into something that will lose them elections for the foreseeable future:

“They May Be Sexual Predators, But We Sure Do Like Their Votes!”

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