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Trump Just Got WRECKED After Gloriously Misspelled Hurricane Tweet

Remember when Dan Quayle’s political career was utterly destroyed because he thought “potato” had an “e” at the end?

Yeah, that. It would be nice to go back to a time when this was a massive issue capable of destroying a political career. Nowadays, we have a President* who rage-tweets in the early morning, frequently misspelling seemingly every other word.

But Trump managed to f*ck up worse than normal Sunday morning when he didn’t even bother to tap the little squiggly red line under his misspelling of “heroes” while thanking people for being “HEREOS.”

Naturally, Americans are a mix of horrified an amused — partly because Trump can’t spell worth a sh*t and partly because he was tweeting about people cheering for him while news was breaking on FAKE NEWS CNN about North Korea’s nuclear test:

Hours later, Trump finally got around to rage tweeting about North Korea:

At this moment, we’re staring down a conflict with North Korea and we have a President who would need help getting through a reading of “Fox in Socks” — a man who is more interested in sending self-congratulatory tweets than paying attention to the world around him.

May the gods help us all.

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