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Trump Just Got His A** Handed To Him In Scathing Editorial, He’ll Never Be The Same (DETAILS)

Throughout Donald Trump’s joke of a presidential campaign and his failing presidency, America has been let down by Congress day after day as the Republican Party refuses to condemn and address Trump’s unethical behavior and hold him accountable. As the Trump administration has spewed lies and broken rules on a daily basis, Americans have grown to trust the free press more than their president and the government, as the mainstream media continues to call Trump out and expose his bullsh*t.

Recently, author and human rights activist Ariel Dorfman wrote a scathing piece in the  about Trump, blasting the American electorate for electing “a reckless con man as president.” Dorfman stated that America is now suffering for this horrific lapse in judgment, and is facing a reckoning.

Dorfman took every Trump voter to task for electing Trump, begging America to look at itself and the consequences of such a careless decision. Dorfman explained how Trump’s election was so damaging to the country, that America will be defined by it long after the disgraced POTUS is out of the Oval Office, leaving a permanent stain on what was once a great country:

What is it, in our American soul that allowed the Russians to be successful?

Those were not Russians voting in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, handing the election to the Republican candidate by a bit more than 80,000 votes. They were American men and women. As were the 62,984,825 others who decided that such a troublesome, inflammatory figure expressed their desires and dreams. Trump could be impeached or resign, or his policies could simply implode under the weight of their malice, divisiveness and mendacity, and the country would still be defined and pressed by the same conditions and dread that enabled his rise.”

In addressing the devastating effects that Trump voters have cost the country, Dorfman took Trump to the woodshed for his disgusting inhumane, bigoted policies. Dorfman also criticized all those who chose not to vote or voted third party, which also helped Trump win:

Now, every desperate American must gaze in the mirror and interrogate the puzzled face and puzzling fate that stares back: What did I do or not do that made the cataclysm possible? Did I ignore past transgressions that corrode today’s society: the discrimination, the sexism, the violence, the authoritarianism, the intolerance, the imperial ambitions, the slavery and greed and persecutions that have darkened America’s story? Did I overestimate the strength of our democracy and underestimate the decency of my neighbors? Was I too fearful, too complacent, too impatient, too angry? Whom did I not talk to, whom did I not persuade? What privilege and comforts, what overwork and debts, kept me from giving my all? What injustice or humiliation or bigoted remark did I witness and let pass? How can I help to recover our country, make it once more recognizable, make it luminous and forgiving?”

The entire scathing editorial would burn Trump’s eyes (if only he could read), and is a brutal explanation of just how dangerous, unworthy, and devastating Trump is to the entire country:

We must vigorously protest the president’s craven actions, but above all we need to acknowledge that what ultimately matters is not what a foreign power did to America, but what America did to itself. The crucial question of what is wrong with our country, what could have driven us to this edge of catastrophe, cannot be resolved by a special counsel or a Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives or spectacular revelations about Russia’s interference.”

You can read Dorfman’s entire piece .

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