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Trump Just Fired One Of His Most Dedicated Aides Because His Crowd Size Was Too Small

Donald Trump is feeling sad because no one wants to go to his rallies anymore — and just like any other time he feels sad, he fired someone.

Recently, Trump has been making an ass out of himself, defending “very fine” Nazis, attacking people who oppose said Nazis, and generally being an insufferable douchebag. He is 100% to blame for his terrible poll numbers and lack of attendance at his rallies, but after he had to deal with a half-empty auditorium in a small Phoenix, Arizona venue, he decided to blame a longtime dedicated aide.

George Gigicos until recently was responsible for managing scheduling and events for The Donald, but he was told to get lost after the Phoenix fiasco.

Trump became incensed when he noticed that only a few people showed up to his hate rally where he angrily lashed out at the FAKE NEWS media and Republicans as well as “weak, weak people” who want to “take away our culture” (he means white people) by removing statues honoring traitors who served the Confederacy.

Despite the tiny, tiny crowd at his rally, he described it as “massive” — with this being the new definition of “massive,” apparently:

Trump reportedly ordered his assistant Keith Scholler to tell Gigicos that he will never again be allowed to organize a rally — because he believes the aide was the problem rather than his hateful rhetoric, lies, and incompetence.

Trump needs to fire only one person to fix everything — himself. Then he won’t have any problems related to his horribly incompetent presidency.

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