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Trump Just Fired The Man Investigating His Campaign’s Ties To Russia: James Comey Is Out

Just one day after former acting Attorney General Sally Yates testified regarding Russia’s interference in our 2016 presidential election, amateur president Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey. This also follows White House press secretary on May 3rd saying that “the president has confidence in the director.” Well, something has changed since then and the timing isn’t weird at all (wink wink).

“Today, President Donald J. Trump informed FBI Director James Comey that he has been terminated and removed from office,” the White House statement reads, according to .

“President Trump acted based on the clear recommendations of both Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions,” the statement continued.

Sen. Lindsey Graham called it a “fresh start.”

At first, Trump appeared to cozy up to Comey following the letter he released to Congress suggesting that an investigation was reopening in regards to Hillary Clinton’s email servers, when in fact, no new revelations came from that. Trump changed his tune on Twitter after Clinton said the Comey letter harmed her chances of winning the election.

“FBI Director Comey was the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton in that he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds! The phony Trump/Russia story was an excuse used by the Democrats as justification for losing the election. Perhaps Trump just ran a great campaign?” Trump wrote in two tweets on May 2nd.

Still yet, Spicer said that Trump had confidence in Comey. And then today, Trump fired the man who is investigating him.

The statement is bizarrely and suspiciously worded by Trump because of course.

The problem with Sen. Wyden’s suggestion is that Comey won’t be able to openly testify about classified information.

I’m old enough to remember something very similar happening before.

The FBI is currently conducting an investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during last year’s presidential election and Trump just fired the director. One has to wonder why Jeff Sessions would recommend that Trump fire Comey. Trump’s entire administration appears to be involved in a massive cover-up.

This isn’t just like Watergate. This is bigger than Watergate.

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